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Top 15 Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

Social Media Analytics
Himanshu Chaturvedi February 8, 2021

According to a survey conducted by Kepios, 61.4% of the world’s entire population is active on social media! But have you ever thought what all these people are using their social channels for?  

Social media’s vast usage can be attributed to multiple reasons — connecting with friends and family, staying up to date on the news, and discovering new brands.  

But with so much social media activity happening all the time, it can be hard to keep track of what’s important. That’s where social media analytics tools come in. 

With plenty of tools available in the market, it can be a real hassle to pick the one that best suits your organization’s needs. To make this decision easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 social media analytics tools to try in 2024, and this list is curated by our top social media experts at Vaizle who were using these tools throughout the previous year. Let’s dive right in!  

Significance of Social Media Analytics Tools in 2024 

Social media analytics tools are important for businesses of all sizes. They can help you track your progress, measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, and identify new opportunities to reach your target audience. 

With such tools, you can easily make sense of the data generated by social media. They can provide data on certain things like, how many people are seeing your posts, what they’re saying about your brand, and where they’re located.  

This information can be used to improve your social media marketing campaigns and make better business decisions. 

Here are some of the benefits of using social media analytics tools –  

  • Track your progress and measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns 
  • Learn what your customers are saying about your brand 
  • Find new opportunities to reach your target audience 
  • Improve your social media marketing strategy 
  • Identify your target audience and understand their needs

To know more about social media analytics, check out our detailed guide on: What Marketers Need to Know About Social Media Analytics 

Top 15 Social Media Analytics Tools that you should use


vaizle social media analytics tool

When it comes to social media analytics tools for 2024, Vaizle is our top choice! Let’s see why:  

Vaizle is a comprehensive marketing analytics suite that offers detailed social media insights in a single dashboard. It can help businesses measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns, track the overall performance, and identify new opportunities to reach the target audience.   

The tool provides detailed analytics on key performance metrics — such as engagement, impressions, click-through rate, and follower growth. Additionally, Vaizle offers competitor analysis to benchmark performance against industry rivals and gain valuable competitive intelligence. 

Social media analytics suite by Vaizle includes – Free Facebook Page Analysis, Free Instagram Page Analysis, Free LinkedIn Page Analysis, Free YouTube Page Analysis, Social Media ROI Calculator.  

Key Features:  

1. You can gain insights into your top-performing posts for different content formats like image, video, GIF, text, and reel. 

top-performing posts on vaizle

2. Live dashboard displays real-time data and helps you access latest metrics.

real-time data on vaizle

3. Vaizle offers a complete overview of social media activity over a span of day, week, or month. 

complete overview of social media activity  at vaizle


  • Free tools let you access the last 30 days of data.  
  • Vaizle comes with a zero-learning curve and is suitable for beginners and experts alike. 


  • Sometimes the tool might take a few seconds to fetch the latest data.  

To begin your social media analytics journey, get started with Vaizle now.  

Google Analytics

google analytics social media analytics tool

Google Analytics provides businesses and website owners with comprehensive insights into their online presence. As a powerful web analytics platform, Google Analytics offers a range of features to track and analyze social media performance. It allows users to measure and understand the impact of social media traffic on website conversions, user behavior, and engagement metrics. 

With Google Analytics, businesses can monitor the effectiveness of their social media campaigns, identify which platforms and content generate the most valuable traffic, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their social media strategies. The tool provides detailed reports, customizable dashboards, and real-time data, enabling businesses to gain deep insights into their social media audience, acquisition channels, and user journey.


  • Allows users to measure and understand the impact of social media traffic on website conversions, user behaviour, and engagement metrics.   
  • Google Analytics Academy has multiple free tools listed.  


  • A beginner might find Google Analytics unsuitable due to excessive use of technical terminology and marketing jargons.  


social media analytics tool keyhole

Keyhole is an easy-to-use and powerful social media analytics tool that helps businesses and marketers unlock valuable insights from their social media activities. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Keyhole allows users to track and analyze key metrics such as engagement, reach, and hashtag performance. 

The tool provides real-time monitoring of social media conversations, allowing businesses to stay on top of trends and conversations relevant to their brand. Keyhole’s sentiment analysis feature enables users to understand the overall sentiment surrounding their brand and quickly respond to customer feedback. Moreover, the tool offers competitor analysis, allowing businesses to benchmark their performance against industry rivals and gain a competitive edge.


  • You can use geolocation and language filters to get relevant data.  
  • Keyhole offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface.  


  • Paid plans aren’t very budget-friendly.  
  • There is a lack of customization options. 


social media analytics tool quintly

Quintly is a social media analytics tool that provides valuable insights on different social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram Snapchat, and Tiktok. 

It provides competitor analysis, enabling businesses to benchmark their social media performance against industry rivals and identify areas for improvement.


  • Quintly provides pre-designed dashboard templates to make it easier for brands to get started with social media analytics.  
  • You can easily automate the social media reporting process and create custom dashboards with needed KPIs.  


  • Quintly could add more KPIs to make their platform more versatile.  
  • Pay-per-channel pricing model can be inconvenient for many agency owners.  


social media analytics tool iconosquare

Iconosquare is a user-friendly social media analytics tool that provides businesses and individuals with valuable insights into their Instagram and Facebook performance. The tool provides detailed analytics and reports, enabling users to understand their audience demographics, engagement patterns, and top-performing content.

The platform also offers hashtag analytics and competitor tracking, making it a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing social media strategies. Whether you’re a marketer, influencer, or business owner, Iconosquare is a valuable tool for unlocking the full potential of your Instagram and Facebook presence. 


  • With Iconosquare, you can also schedule social media posts.  
  • You get visually appealing and easily understandable reports.  


  • Doesn’t support all social channels.  
  • Paid plans are quite expensive.


social media analytics tool talkwalker

Talkwalker provides multiple features like real-time monitoring, sentiment analysis, and in-depth reporting. Therefore, it enables businesses to understand audience sentiment, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.  

The social media analytics tool also offers competitive analysis, allowing users to benchmark their performance against industry rivals and gain a competitive edge.  


  • Allows you to create and share custom dashboards.  
  • Customer and tech support is quick and efficient.  


  • Many metrics are rounded off, which significantly reduces accuracy of data.  


social media analytics tool cyfe

Cyfe is a handy tool that lets you create personalized dashboards filled with important information from various marketing tools. With its social media section, you can connect all your major social networks and generate summary reports for the accounts you manage or want to keep an eye on.  

Specifically for Facebook, Cyfe offers 50 different widgets to track metrics like reach, impressions, clicks, check-ins, and posts. It’s a convenient way to stay on top of your social media performance and gather all the data you need in one place. It also monitors brand mentions and competitors’ activity. 


  • You get on-hands customer support.  
  • Cyfe offers affordable pricing plans. 


  • The tool functionality is quite limited with fewer widgets.  


social media analytics tool sendible

Sendible is a helpful tool for managing your social media presence. It has useful features for monitoring, listening, and reporting on your social media activities. With Sendible, you can easily access insights about your posts, including engagement and audience profiles on different digital platforms. 

It simplifies the process of managing and analysing social media activities by offering ready-to-use insights. It also allows you to keep track of what people are saying about your brand across the web and social media. It identifies mentions that might require your attention or response, helping you stay on top of your online reputation. 


  • Sendible offers a free trial before signing up for the paid version.  
  • New product updates are added regularly to keep the platform functionality seamless.  


  • Doesn’t provide satisfactory support for new users.  
  • You can’t customize report elements based on colour coding.  

Social Status

social status social media analytics tool

 Social Status allows users to track key metrics, analyze audience engagement, and generate detailed reports across various social media platforms. The tool provides a centralized dashboard where users can view data on reach, impressions, engagement, and follower growth, allowing them to evaluate the effectiveness of their social media strategies.

It also offers competitor analysis, enabling users to benchmark their performance against industry rivals and identify opportunities for improvement. With its robust analytics capabilities and customizable reporting options, Social Status is an invaluable asset for businesses looking to gain a deeper understanding of their social media presence and make data-driven decisions for success.


  • Allows you to track month-on-month growth.  
  • Social media benchmarks are updated monthly for each channel.  


  • There are no data filtering options. 


databox social media analytics tool

Databox is a great business analytics platform that brings together data from various sources to provide real-time insights. With Databox, businesses can easily connect and integrate data from different marketing tools, databases, and platforms into one centralized dashboard. This allows users to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), track trends, and analyze data across multiple channels. Databox offers customizable and visually appealing dashboards, making it easy to visualize and understand data at a glance. 

The platform also provides automated reporting and alerts, ensuring that users stay informed about important metrics and changes in their data. With Databox, businesses can make data-driven decisions, optimize their strategies, and drive meaningful results across their organization.


  • Beginners can easily use Databox without any past technical or social media experience.  
  • Customer support is quite efficient.  


  • Platform can be a bit buggy at times.  


social media analytics tool brandwatch

Brandwatch is a leading social media monitoring and analytics tool that helps businesses gain valuable insights from online conversations. Brandwatch allows users to monitor and analyze mentions, sentiments, and trends across various social media platforms. 

The tool offers powerful analytics capabilities, enabling businesses to track their brand’s reputation, measure campaign performance, and understand audience sentiment. Brandwatch also provides competitive analysis, allowing users to benchmark their performance against industry rivals and identify areas for improvement.

With its real-time monitoring, customizable dashboards, and comprehensive reporting, Brandwatch empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance their social media strategies, and effectively manage their online presence.


  • Also includes influencer and community management.  
  • Can be adapted very well for different types of organizations. 


  • Brandwatch is a bit pricier compared to other alternative tools in the market.  


tailwind social media analytics tool

Tailwind is a versatile social media scheduling and analytics tool that is specifically designed for Pinterest and Instagram. It offers a range of features that simplify the process of planning, publishing, and analyzing social media content. With Tailwind, users can schedule posts in advance, saving time and ensuring consistent presence on these platforms. 

Its unique feature called “SmartSchedule” suggests optimal times for posting, maximizing reach and visibility. Additionally, Tailwind offers a variety of other helpful features such as content discovery, hashtag suggestions, and collaboration tools.

Whether you are a blogger, business owner, or social media manager, Tailwind is a valuable tool for optimizing your Pinterest and Instagram strategies and achieving meaningful results.


  • You can create pins for more than one board simultaneously.  
  • Tailwind offers multiple tutorial videos to make the onboarding process simple.  


  • It takes time to build community on Tailwind.  


sparktoro social media analytics tool

SparkToro is a powerful audience intelligence tool that provides valuable insights into audience behaviour and interests. With SparkToro, businesses and marketers can uncover the key demographics, interests, and online behaviours of their target audience.  

The tool allows users to discover where their audience spends time online, the influencers they follow, and the websites they visit. This information helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies and identify new opportunities for engagement.   


statusbrew social media analytics tool

Statusbrew is a comprehensive social media management and analytics tool that helps businesses and individuals streamline their social media activities. StatusBrew allows users to schedule and publish posts across multiple social media platforms, saving time and ensuring consistent content delivery.   

The tool also provides in-depth analytics and reporting, allowing users to track and measure the performance of their social media campaigns. With audience insights, engagement metrics, and growth tracking, StatusBrew helps businesses understand their audience better and make data-driven decisions to optimize their social media strategies.

It offers features like social listening and competitor analysis, enabling users to monitor conversations, track brand mentions, and stay ahead of industry trends.


  • Paid plans have economical pricing.  
  • Statusbrew is an all-in-one social media management tool.  


  • Learning about all the features can take a while.  
  • Overall platform design could be a bit simpler.  


social media analytics tool buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is a powerful content discovery and analysis tool that helps businesses and marketers uncover popular and trending content in their industry. With BuzzSumo, users can search for specific topics or keywords and instantly discover the most shared and engaging content across various social media platforms.  

This valuable insight enables businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, identify popular content formats, and generate ideas for their own content strategy. Buzzsumo also provides in-depth analytics, allowing users to analyze content performance, track social media engagement, and identify influential content creators in their niche.

With its comprehensive features, Buzzsumo is a go-to tool for content marketers, helping them enhance their content strategy, drive engagement, and stay ahead of the competition.


  • BuzzSumo is a useful tool to get content ideas.  
  • You can analyse social channels, conduct influencer research, and set up alerts for competitor brands.  


  • Pricing structure isn’t favourable for small businesses.  
  • The user interface lacks some smart features as compared to other tools.  


Social media analytics tools play a crucial role in helping businesses and marketers unlock the full potential of their social media presence. These tools provide valuable insights, allowing users to track key metrics, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. From monitoring engagement and reach to analyzing audience sentiment and competitor performance, social media analytics tools offer comprehensive features to optimize social media strategies.

Whether it’s understanding audience behavior, identifying trends, or managing brand reputation, these tools provide the necessary data and reports to drive meaningful results. With their user-friendly interfaces and powerful analytics capabilities, social media analytics tools are essential for businesses looking to maximize their online presence, improve engagement, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving social media landscape. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Social Media Analytics Tools?

Social media analytics tools are software applications or platforms that help businesses and individuals monitor, measure, and analyze their social media performance. These tools provide valuable insights into various aspects of social media marketing, such as audience engagement, reach, impressions, conversions, and overall campaign effectiveness.

2. What are the benefits of social media analytics tools?

  • Tracking and measuring key metrics for effective performance evaluation.
  • Gaining valuable insights to optimize social media strategies, improve audience engagement, and drive better results.

3. What are some best Social Media Analytics Tools?

  • Vaizle
  • Keyhole
  • SproutSocial
  • Hootsuite
  • Quintly

4. Why are Social media analytics tools important?

Social media analytics tools are important because they provide actionable insights and data-driven intelligence that empower businesses to make informed decisions and achieve better results in terms of engagement, brand awareness, and conversions.

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