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Ashtam Garg July 11, 2024

AI image generators are a boon for everyone with multiple creative ideas & social media strategies in their head but with limited or zero graphical design knowledge. (PS: Yes, hinting at myself here!) 

Such art-generating tools use artificial intelligence to change text prompts into amazing, lifelike pictures that you can’t really tell apart from a manually created picture. That’s probably why 42% of Gen Z in the US now believes that AI-generated art should be recognized as “real art.” Cool, right?  

In this blog post, I’ll list down the 6 best AI image generators that I’ve personally tried and tested! Let’s get started.  

PS: You’ll find many more AI image generators online, but these are the top 6 that I found relevant to my goal.  

PPS: AI Image generators work just as good as the prompt you write. So, if you want to automate that as well, I’d recommend giving Best AI Text Generators: Free & Paid Writing Tools a read!  

How do AI Image Generators Work? 

AI image generators use really smart tech and algorithms to change written prompts into cool pictures. By using machine learning and deep neural networks, they can figure out what the text is saying and make matching images.  

This happens because AI has been taught with tons of pictures paired with descriptions, so it gets good at making accurate visuals. When you tell these AI art generator tools what kind of picture you want using a text prompt, they remember what they’ve learned and make a new image that fits your description. 

There are different kinds like diffusion models or generative adversarial networks (GANs), each using its own way to create these images. 

Discover The 6 Top AI Image Generators to Use in 2024  


DALL·E 3 is a leading ChatGPT art generator that is shaking things up in the graphical design landscape.  

This art generator tool uses the newest generative AI tricks that can change words into amazing pictures that will look cool or abstract — depending on what you want the final output to look like.  

What impressed me the most about DALL·E 3 is its smooth working process. Simply type in what you want to see and voilà – it brings your ideas to life visually. 

For whom is DALL·E 3 ideal? 

I’ll put it right at the top of the list of AI art generators for artists and designers looking for something quick and hassle-free with zero learning curve.  

Can you use DALL·E 3 free of cost?

No, you need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use DALL·E 3. It costs $20 per month.  

Meanwhile, check this comparison of DALL·E 2 and DALL·E 3 given on OpenAI’s official website: 

A visual description of comparison of two AI image generator tools: DALL•E 2 and DALL•E 3



When it comes to generative AI art, Midjourney can be considered the closest (or a better) DALL·E 3 alternative, only with a higher learning curve.  

It’s like a super tool that mixes what computers can do with what artists dream up to make images more descriptive and catchier.  

If you’re into beefing up your online look or just want to try out some artsy projects, Midjourney gives you all you need to dive into a world where imagination meets technology.

For whom is Midjourney ideal?

Midjourney is for everyone who loves sharing stuff on social media or those who make content for the web.

Can you use Midjourney free of cost?

When Midjourney first launched, you could generate up to 25 images free simply by joining their AI art Discord server. But now, it is priced at $10 per month or $96 per annum.

A screenshot of a digital art AI image generated by Midjourney with its detailed prompt.


Stable Diffusion  

Stable Diffusion or is an open-source AI art generator platform that stands out in terms of flexibility.  

With this tool, you’re in charge from start to finish – deciding everything about how your picture comes out by using a simple text prompt. You can tweak all sorts of things like how big the picture is, how closely it matches what you asked for, and even how many pictures you want to make at once.  

Who is Stable Diffusion ideal for?  

Anyone who wants to experiment with generative AI art and create images that are just right for them.  

Can you use Stable Diffusion free of cost?  

Yes, Stable Diffusion is one of the best AI art generator tools that can be downloaded and used free of cost. also has a Stable Assistant, which is just the right amalgamation of AI text and art generators. Have a look here: 

Screenshot of Stable Assistant chatbot giving both text and AI generative art recommendations.



Artbreeder is one of the best drawing apps that currently uses BigGAN & StyleGAN models to create generative AI art.  

It lets you mix and change different images to come up with new, creative visuals. With Artbreeder, starting from just one picture, you can go down various paths to see different artistic outcomes.  

This mash-up of art and genetics opens endless possibilities for creativity and trying out new things. Whether you’re an artist in search of some inspiration or just curious about what AI art looks like, Artbreeder provides a fun and interesting way to dive into it. 

Who is Artbreeder ideal for?  

Given that you can change selective elements of a particular image with this AI art generator tool, Artbreeder is a suitable option for illustrators and 3D artists.  

Can you use Artbreeder free of cost?  

Yes, you can use Artbreeder’s free plan, but it only includes 3 monthly credits. Their paid plans start at $8.99 per month.

Screenshot of an AI generative art by Artbreeder



NightCafe AI art generator is a community-driven platform that is majorly about bringing AI art to everyone. (BTW that means you can also seek help from other participants to stay updated about social media trends!) 

It’s a web app that’s super easy to use! Simply type in what you want, and it turns your words into cool pictures without any hassle. NightCafe Creator keeps things simple and straight forward while ensuring that users can have fun with AI image generation.  

Who is NightCafe ideal for?  

NightCafe is one of the best AI art sites for folks trying out AI art for the first time or beginners who don’t want anything too complicated. 

Can you use NightCafe free of cost?  

Yes, NightCafe is available free of cost but only comes with 5 free credits. Later, you can subscribe to a paid plan starting at a minimum of $0.053 per credit.  

PS: Like I already mentioned, NightCafe is a community-driven AI image generator. On its website, you can see daily winners and runners-up.

Screenshot of daily winner of Night Cafe AI art generator community



From this list of best AI art generators, you’ll find that Craiyon is the most basic and easy-to-use tool. Basically, it is a DALL.E mini version in the form of a website.  

Craiyon AI art generator is really simple to use. You just type in the prompt and the tool takes a few moments to load the right output for you. What I like best is that the tool also suggests an appropriate prompt for you based on your requirements. 

For whom is Craiyon ideal?  

Craiyon is for anyone wanting to make new images for their projects or play around with AI art creation without any investment.  

Can you use Craiyon free of cost?  

Yes, Craiyon is free for all. However, it has multiple cons like ads and low-resolution results.  

Which is the Right AI Image Generator for You?  

With a bunch of AI image generators out there, picking the one that fits you best can be tough. (Been there, done that!) 

Honestly, it really boils down to what you’re looking for and like. If ease of use and stunning outcomes are your thing, DALL·E 3 by OpenAI or Midjourney might just hit the spot.  

On the other hand, if tweaking things to get them just right is more your style, Stable Diffusion could offer the customization options you need. For those always on the move who’d rather have something handy on their smartphone, Craiyon could fit better into your lifestyle.  

When deciding on the right AI image generator for yourself, think about what you want to achieve creatively, how much know-how you’ve got in this area, and which features matter most to you. 

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You’ll find many more of the best AI image generators in the market right now! But these 6 are the ones that I’ve personally tried and trusted so far. Depending on what your goal is and how much time & expertise you’ve at hand, you can pick the right generative AI art tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best free AI image generator?

Finding the top free AI image generator really comes down to what you’re looking for and like. For many, Craiyon and Artbreeder stand out because they let you try them out for free and work right from your web browser to create pictures made by AI. 

2. Are there any ethical concerns with using AI to generate images?

When you use AI image generator tools to create pictures, it brings up some tricky questions about whether the art is truly original or not. On top of that, there are legal issues to think about like copyright infringement and making sure people know who really made the images if they’re created by AI. It’s crucial for anyone using this technology to be aware of these ethical problems and make sure they’re handling AI-generated images in a way that’s both responsible and follows the law.

3. How can businesses leverage AI art generators?

Businesses have a great tool in AI image generators, which they can use for things like digital marketing and making their brand look better. With the help of AI, companies can make really cool social media posts, graphics for their websites, and materials for marketing. This is awesome because it draws people’s attention and gets them interested in what the business has to offer. By doing this, you are more likely to get more visitors and people buying stuff or signing up for services.

4. What should beginners know before working with AI image generators?

If you’re diving into AI image generators for the first time, it’s a good idea to get cozy with the user guide or tutorial that comes with your generator. By learning how to put in text prompts correctly and finding your way around the interface, you’ll be able to get much better outcomes. Starting off with easy prompts and slowly moving on to more intricate and imaginative ones can also make things easier for beginners.

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