Best AI Text Generators: Free & Paid AI Writing Tools in 2024 [Reviewed]  

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Mamta July 11, 2024

AI text generators can be like virtual sidekicks that help brainstorm content ideas, polish your work, and let you focus on the fun parts of writing. You might worry that text-generating tools will make your content look too robotic or bland, but if you train the model rightly, AI will adapt to your brand voice and add a personal touch.  

In short, if you want to work smart and not hard, AI writing tools can be a good addition to your marketing toolkit. But with plenty of options available today, which AI writing software should you rely on?  

Let’s learn more about that in this blog post where I share my final reviews for the 6 best AI text generators I’ve tried so far!  

Note: Results are based on evaluating how well these tools write social media posts, emails, blogs, and marketing copies! 

What is an AI Text Generator?

An AI text generator (also known as AI writing tool) is software where you input a prompt and get the desired human-like text as output. These tools are based on advanced large language models (LLM), which are trained on vast amounts of internet data. 

AI content writing tools are great for brainstorming new ideas, editing previously written text, and scaling up the content generation process.

Vector representation of AI text generator

How do AI Text Generators Work?

If you’ve ever tried generating AI text, you already know that most AI writing generators offer a question-answer format. You ask the tool a question, specify your requirements, and get the required answer (in most cases).

That’s pretty much the front-end working process of free AI text generators today. But if you want to deep-dive into the backend technicalities, you’ll need to read about the latest machine learning techniques and large language models (LLM). To explain in brief — AI writing tools use neural networks (mostly based on a transformer model) to learn language patterns and context. The model reads your request and predicts the answer accordingly. This process iterates multiple times before you get AI-generated text as the output.

Top AI Text Generators to Try in 2024

Back in November 2022, ChatGPT launched and gained a million users within 5 days! While most writers were eager to see what the tool could actually do, there was a wave of uncertainty and hysteria regarding AI taking over all the jobs.

Safe to say, we passed that phase and realized the importance of balance between AI advancements and human approach. That’s probably why, in 2024, we have multiple new paid and free AI writing software to try.

Here are a few I have personally tried and reviewed. (Please note that the AI text generators listed below are not your only options. There are many more tools that I haven’t tried yet.)

With that being said, let’s get started.

Best AI Text Generators at a Quick Glance

AI writing toolIdeal forEase of useFree version available?
ChatGPTBlog writing4/5Yes
GeminiContent research4/5Yes
Jasper AIMarketing copy3/5No
RytrBlog outline generation & keyword research3.5/5Yes
Content Shake by SemrushCreative writing based on tone of voice4/5No
WritesonicContent accuracy3/5Yes


Can’t start this list of AI writing tools without including the OG — ChatGPT. Though Open AI’s latest model (GPT 4) isn’t solely a text generator, it remains an essential part of every writer’s toolkit.

After using it for more than 1.5 years, I can say that it is an ideal option for beginners who aren’t looking for very specific answers. And if you’re looking for very specific answers, you need equally detailed prompts (which again can be a big challenge).

One area where ChatGPT shines is its user-friendliness, versatility, and style adaptability. But if you’re looking for detailed insights and creative responses, it might not be the best option out there.

ChatGPT screen of user asking for an email template.

Pricing Details

  • Free Plan: Limits to GPT 3.5
  • Paid Plan: Starts at $20 per month

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Formerly known as Bard, Gemini is a highly capable generative chatbot by Google. Like ChatGPT, Gemini is ideal for generating text in different formats, like blog posts, ad copies, landing page content, product descriptions, or scripts.

However, its main strength lies in its research abilities. Unlike ChatGPT 3.5, Gemini will cite its sources (if you mention that in your prompt) and retrieve specific web images. Gemini can also generate images, but it is still not very perfect at it.

Coming back to AI content writing abilities, Gemini is better than ChatGPT because it will segment the final answer for multiple purposes.

BONUS POINT: Being a Google product, Gemini integrates well with your Google workspace (thus saving you the hassle of copying and pasting data from one tab to another).

Gemini screen of user asking for social media content ideas and content calendar.

Pricing Details 

  • Free Plan: Available
  • Paid Plan: Starts at $19.99 per month (2 months free) 

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is one of the key players revolutionizing the content marketing landscape right now. As an AI text generator, it offers a range of features like plagiarism detection and preset templates for multiple content formats.  

Jasper also offers Surfer SEO integration, which can help you generate content targeting specific keywords.  

From what I’ve learned so far, Jasper is able to generate 100% original content that fits your brand voice right. You can also upload documents to its Knowledge Base so that the AI writing tool can make the right references.

Pricing Details

  • Free Plan: Not Available
  • Paid Plan: Starts at $39 per month


Coming back to free AI writing tools, Rytr is an easy-to-use option for all blog writers. And not to mention, it makes the task of keyword research a little bit easier. Of course, you will have to manually check the search volume, but getting a list of related keywords and questions makes it much easier.  

Rytr offers multiple languages, tone of voice, use case, and creativity options. You can use this tool to write blogs, marketing copies, emails, business pitches, social media posts, job descriptions, and more.  

For example: I set a casual tone of voice to casual and high creativity to get this response, which seems pretty decent for a free AI writing software.

Rytr (free AI text generator) giving blog idea and outline.

Pricing Details

  • Free Plan: Available
  • Paid Plan: Starts at $7.50 per month

Content Shake AI by Semrush

Semrush Content Shake AI is going to be your go-to AI writing tool if SEO is one of your primary concerns. It includes a text generation feature that can help you write blog titles, outlines, introductions, and paragraphs.

Getting started is simple. You just need to select a suggested topic or enter one of yours. Semrush will then fill out details like blog title, keywords, word count, tone of voice, and readability level. See if you want to make any changes and proceed ahead.

Now, when the AI article is generated, you can edit it to match your requirements and publish it directly to WordPress. Content Shake AI is also able to create posts for top social media platforms from scratch.

Pricing Details

  • Free Plan: 7-day trial (credit card required)
  • Paid Plan: $60 per month


If content’s relevancy and accuracy are key challenges, you’re going to love Writesonic. This AI writing software works with real-time Google search and GPT models as well.

But when it comes to creativity, it really isn’t the best AI text generator you’d come across. Needless to say, Writesonic can come in handy when you’re writing informational content, rather than marketing one.

Here, you can browse preset content templates. For example: I chose Blog Post Intro and entered the topic.

Rytr (free AI text generator) giving blog idea and outline.

Pricing Details  

  • Free Plan: Available 
  • Paid Plan: Starts at $19 per month

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While you’re relentlessly working on creating killer content for your marketing channels, you can’t afford to miss out on social media KPIs and overall marketing performance.  

Vaizle is a one-stop marketing analytics suite that can help you analyze your account’s day-after-day performance from a single dashboard. Here, you can link your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts, and analyze numbers for each channel.  

Getting started is really easy. Simply link your account to Vaizle and get all data in an easy-to-comprehend dashboard.

To get started, try Vaizle’s free:  

1.) Facebook page analysis tool 
2.) Instagram page analysis tool 
3.) LinkedIn page analysis tool 
4.) YouTube channel analysis tool

CTA for Vaizle Free tool


AI text generators can’t replace writers, but they can sure make your work a lot easier. From conducting research to drafting outlines, AI writing tools can streamline your creative process.  

Hopefully, the above-listed AI writing software options and their reviews will help you choose the right tool for your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can AI text generators be integrated into a content strategy?

AI text generators can be a crucial part of a content strategy at various stages:  

  • Idea generation  
  • Creating blog outlines 
  • Editing content to match brand voice 
  • Content distribution to social media  

2. Can AI text generators adapt to different writing styles?

Yes, if trained correctly, AI text generators can adapt to different writing styles. You will have to provide examples of writing samples and any other information that is crucial for the model to understand your brand voice.  

3. How do AI text generators handle data privacy and security?

Most AI text generators use data encryption to protect against any data leaks during transmission and storage.  

4. Can AI text generators replace human writers?

No, AI text generators can’t entirely replace human writers. The human touch will still be required to create effective strategies and write detailed prompts to get satisfactory results from AI writing tools.

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