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7 Sources to Look for Social Media Content Inspiration

Manpreet Kaur
Written By

Manpreet Kaur

Published on

The need for creating new, high-quality content can be challenging for marketers. And today, creating content is not just limited to writing blogs

You need content for social media platforms as well.

The first few ideas are easy to whip out. But sooner or later you bound to hit a creative block. There are also times when you are just not feeling inspired. No ideas are popping up in your head. This is the time to look around for inspiration.

You can consider these 7 ideas when you’ve hit a block to get the creative juices flowing back.


Businesses have been scrutinizing their competitors for insight, strategy, and ideas since the beginning of time. So why not for content inspiration?

Spend time reading their blogs, analyzing their social media content. See how they are reaching out to a potential customer through online marketing.

Find out their most engaging content, see what is keeping the users connected to their content. You can also use social media competitive analysis with tools like Vaizle to keep a track of how your competitors are using social media.

The smart insights feature of Vaizle shows you the most engaging posts of a brand — you can analyze what type of content – photos, videos or links are getting the highest engagement. Get inspiration from their content and create your own with a twist.

You can also use these free social media tools to perform a quick competitor analysis.

Perform Social Media analysis with Free Social Media Analytics Tool


As billed “the front page of the internet,” Reddit is a great community of active users. If you’re struggling to find a starting point for content, let others help you. Post a question in the relevant subreddit, come back after 15 minutes, you’ll definitely have some weird, random and interesting answers.

Here’s an example of how someone who needed ideas for player content on social media got 18 replies. All of them included unique ideas that are easy to create and add to the social media content strategy.

Here are some of the live examples I just took from Reddit:

Reddit is also popular among marketers because of its intolerance for spammers. If Reddit finds someone promoting their brand/business on its platform, it bans you right away from publishing in that subreddit.

TED Talks

Ted Talks for content inspiration work in a slightly different way. While it may provide you with a couple of raw ideas for the starting point of your next content piece, it will give you a boost of inspiration and encourage you to take that extra step.

Andrew Stanton’s Ted Talk – The clues to a great story is on every content marketer’s to watch list. This 19-minute long talk viewed more than 3 million times has two key getaways about storytelling and marketing.

One: Stimulate the audience’s curiosity

Two: Good marketers let the customer feel like the hero.

The next time you hit a creative block, tune into any one of the most popular Ted Talks of all times.


Listening to podcasts can help you tackle writing, social media, digital strategy and more. They are also a great source of inspiration for writing LinkedIn posts.

While to some people, it may come naturally but for others writing a LinkedIn post is an intimidating task. Listening to podcasts can help you with ideas for your next LinkedIn post

Here’s from Vanshika Mehta, content writer and events lead, at onething. She used a podcast to create an amazing LinkedIn post.

Tip: Include listening to podcasts in your daily routine by listening to them during your commute to the office. This way by the time you reach work, you’ll already have an idea about what to post on your LinkedIn profile.


While Medium is a great place for promoting your content, it is an even better place to learn and get inspired by the amazing content published there.

Just sign in to your Medium account — choose from the various categories available — from tech, culture to design and health. If you can’t decide – just explore the home page a bit, you will definitely find an interesting piece of content featured on the page.

You can start with this article ‘Simple Is Bad’ recently found when I was going through Medium’s home page. It is about how advertising’s simplicity bias is undermining diversity and killing creativity.


How many times does this happen that you read a blog, you find some valuable tips to polish your skills but damn! You forget to bookmark it or save it somewhere. This is where Feedly comes handy. Its a great tool for content discovery and also makes sure you don’t lose any of it.

But how Feedly works?

If any site provides content in RSS (Real Simple Syndication), you can add it to Feedly and then read that blog’s content on Feedly on your desktop or mobile, instead of going to the source site.  

You don’t have to check whether a blog has updated or not, you just go to Feedly and all the new posts are in one place.

Isn’t it amazing?

Perform Social Media analysis with Free Social Media Analytics Tool

Read Constantly

Reading books when you’re feeling uninspired or dull has been a tactic to beat the content rut since the beginning of time. Plus, you’ll be thrilled to know that one of the habits of ultra-successful people is reading.

Pick up a book. Anything that interests you – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Biographies. Experiment with something new. If you still can’t decide, pick up something from this list of 12 best books or content marketing & writing better copy.

Let us know where do you turn to for content inspiration?

Write it in the comments below!

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