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5 Tips on Scaling your Social Media Marketing Strategy along with your Business

Siddharth Dwivedi
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Siddharth Dwivedi

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Marketing strategies are quickly evolving with the emergence of social media. Gone are the days when businesses use brochures, postcards, and letters to attract potential customers and reach every segment. It is important for the brands to understand why social media marketing is effective and how to optimize social media for business. With social media, companies can increase brand awareness and gain recognition by getting the right mix of engagement and action on their content. 

Regardless of its overwhelming benefits, most businesses fail to take advantage of social media in marketing because of their inability to cut through the noise. Often, companies find themselves in a constant battle with established brands to gain significant user attention on social media. 

So, what is social media marketing strategies? While there is no one-size-fits-all narrative to overcoming noise, scaling your social media marketing strategy can help you stand out and meet customer demands cost-effectively.

Scalable social media strategies for business help marketers manage programs, monitor revenues, and keep pace with the proliferation of innovative touchpoints. As customers continue to change their communication preferences across multiple channels, marketers need to make their social media strategies agile to remain competitive in the cutthroat industry. This article will highlight social media marketing tactics you can implement to help formulate a business scaling strategy as your business grows. 

Table of Content

  1. Audit Existing Social Media Strategy
  2. Set Key Performance Indicators
  3. Use Automation Tools
  4. Curate Content
  5. Take Advantage of Data Analytics Software Solutions

Let’s discuss the above-mentioned Social Media Strategies in more detail.

1. Audit Existing Social Media Strategy

marketing tactics for social media

Nothing is constant in social media marketing except change. Customers nowadays are finding more ways to communicate through diverse social media channels, and it’s your job to create effective social marketing strategies on these networks to attract them. Performing a comprehensive audit of your Facebook ads and existing social media strategies is essential in sorting your resources and figuring out which methods work.

A social media strategy analysis will help you know how can social media be improved to align with your marketing goals and growth capacity. The advantage of marketing strategy audits is that it enables you to continuously analyze your efforts and determine how your social media campaigns are faring up with another. It also digs deep into how the words on your social media marketing campaigns or the photos on your online posts can affect conversions.  

Knowing how to do audits also makes it easier to create a baseline on what you consider great social media marketing campaigns. Such baselines allow you to make minor adjustments in future campaigns rather than performing time-consuming and sweeping changes. By building the foundations of future marketing decisions, you can better understand what your audience wants from you and how you can provide their needs.

2. Set Key Performance Indicators

Setting social media key performance indicators (KPIs) on campaigns is one of the social media marketing tactics that can make your strategy more scalable. As a marketer, you have to develop quantifiable goals that help you monitor and measure success. Establishing KPIs on your marketing strategies on social media empowers marketers to understand if their campaigns are going in the right direction or not. 

This makes it easier for marketers to divert social media campaigns in the right direction, avoiding wasted time and effort. Unlike other marketing strategies, creating robust social marketing strategies is a trial-and-error process that requires constant adjustments due to short user attention spans. Forbes reveals that social media user attention spans have gone down to an average of 1.7 seconds, making it more challenging for marketers to leave an imprint on online customers. 

By setting the right KPIs, businesses can identify their social media growth strategy’s weak points and optimize them for maximum reach and engagement. A rule of thumb in measuring KPIs for effective social media strategies is to measure quantifiable metrics and leading indicators that coordinate with your organizational goals.

3. Use Automation Tools

proven social media growth strategy

Consistency is vital to scaling a social media marketing strategy. Surveys show that consistency is among the primary factors determining whether a customer continues to patronize a brand. Unfortunately, maintaining consistency online can be tricky, with most businesses having less time and insufficient human resources to handle routine social media tasks. 

This ultimately results in businesses falling off the online grid and failing to reap benefits from marketing on social media. One way to resolve this issue is to use social media analytics tools brimming with automation capabilities. Social media analytics software solutions make scalability possible by providing more service to the customer without increasing human resources. 

It also automates marketing campaigns and social media posting on various social networks for maximum engagement and exposure. By leveraging social media management and automation tools, marketers can maintain strong brand identity across multiple platforms. 

4. Curate Content

Content curation is perhaps one of the most effective ways on how to improve social media marketing. Value-focused social media content curation is the process of sifting through multiple content that the audience finds valuable and repositioning them in a manner that also serves your organization. Unlike other strategies, creating and sharing curated content helps you keep up with social media algorithms’ intensive demands. 

As social media algorithms continuously reward brands that generate sufficient engagement, content curation provides a quicker way of engaging the audience and helping them experience better content. Data shows that 60% of B2B marketers cite content curation as the primary driver for online engagement. Curated social media content also provides relevant and high-quality information your audience needs. 

This ultimately results in higher impression rates and allows organizations to optimize social media marketing strategies to keep up with evolving customer behaviors. Aligning social media marketing strategies with audience needs and preferences also helps you build communities and relationships around your brand. By curating social media content, marketers can better serve their audience and ensure that they remain competitive in reaching a new set of relevant readers, resulting in an increased following. 

Tip: Always optimise your social media content strategy using Vaizle.

5. Take Advantage of Data Analytics Software Solutions

An effective social media growth strategy unlocks massive amounts of data that is pivotal for scalability. This data is brimming with information from various social platforms that displays how users view, engage, and share your content. Unfortunately, tracking this data manually and unlocking key insights can be laborious and inefficient. 

Therefore, marketers must take advantage of data analytics tools to monitor their social media activities’ effectiveness. These tools help with social media marketing by analyzing how effective is social media marketing for your business. Data analytics software solutions work by determining high-performing content and analyzing social media performance efficacy. Social media networks can increase brand awareness and help you connect with customers, but not every platform can work perfectly for your operations. 

A social media analytics tool empowers marketers to measure the number of sales, engagement rate, and traffic in each social network and determine which platform works best for their social marketing strategies. By measuring actual perception against the desired perception, marketers can determine whether their existing social media strategies for business are positioned correctly to yield specified results. It can also provide marketers with a strong understanding of how to use social media for Business to improve their social media strategies in each network.

If you are looking for more information about social media analytics tools, click here!

Scaling Social Media Strategies for Growth

Scaling marketing strategies on social media is essential to achieve growth and reach today’s connected consumers. Therefore, businesses must know how to use dynamic tools to supercharge their social media campaign strategies and acquire more customers while simultaneously extending markets globally. One of the leading tools used by marketers to measure social media growth is Vaizle.

Vaizle is a powerful social media analytics tool designed to empower marketers to generate actionable insights from their campaigns. It performs a comprehensive social media competitive analysis that allows marketers to fine-tune their strategies. Vaizle offers an in-depth product demonstration in addition to its Smart package.

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