Use Social Media to Grow Your Business in 2024 – Here’s How!

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Let’s be honest – most of us have been influenced by social media to make a purchase or check out a brand’s website. With 90% of social media users following at least one brand, it becomes crucial for businesses to have a robust online presence. 

In short, handling social media for businesses is an imperative step in overall brand growth. But with reduced attention span and ever-increasing competition, it can be tough to figure out ​​how to use social media to grow your business. 

Here are some pointers to help you out!

How to Use Social Media for Business? 

At one point in time, social media usage wasn’t a matter of in-depth strategic planning. Simply post your usual updates, interact with a few friends, and you’re all set! 

But with rapidly increasing social media usage in US and more than 91% of brands marketing on social media, you need to buckle up.

Here are 4 pointers that will answer all your queries regarding how to use social media to grow your business: 

Increase Brand Awareness 

Talking in layman’s terms: brand awareness = the extent to which people are aware of your brand’s existence. It is not a fixed metric that you can measure, but rather a concept that can tell if your brand is staying on top of people’s minds or not. 

Social media is a great way to tell people about your business and spread its core messaging. If you’re posting relevant content consistently, more people will start discovering your business. 

For example: See how Oreo ran its ‘Dunk in the Dark’ campaign after a power outage during the Super Bowl game in 2013. 

Oreo's "Dunk in the Dark" Campaign

Source –

Know Your Competitors Inside Out 

While you’re working on content creation to increase brand presence, it is also important to track what other players in your niche are doing. Conducting market research will help you know what’s popular among your target audience. 

You can get detailed insights into customer preferences and make changes to your existing social media strategy accordingly. 

To know more about how to create an effective social media strategy, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you out! 

Generates Leads and Customers

Using social media for business isn’t all about appeasing the audience but also about generating sales revenue. You can use social channels like Facebook or Instagram to run online shops and get customers that you wouldn’t reach with a physical storefront. 

You can also generate leads via direct messages and add a CTA button on the profile. 

Handle Customer Service With Ease 

With most of your customers already using social media, it only makes sense to use these channels to handle customer service better. You can use social media platforms to answer any customer questions, handle complaints, or even conduct surveys. 

Additionally, you can track customer reactions after launching a new product or service. 

Social Media Tips for Business: How to Accelerate Your Marketing Growth? 

Keeping up with social media trends is no less than a roller coaster ride – exhilarating & exhausting!  And if you don’t follow along, you’re most probably missing out on a ton of quality traffic. 

Let’s have a quick look at tried and tested social media tips and tricks for your brand’s eventual growth: 

Create a Social Media Calendar 

Creating and publishing content can be a real headache! While there’s no fixed way to fight the creative block, you can manage it better with the help of a social media content calendar. 

Leverage the Art of Storytelling 

Think about it – when are you most likely to buy from a brand? When you feel connected to their story or after reading a bland promotional offer? 

Use social media to tell your story and build an emotional connection with your target audience. 

For example: Check out how Nike brought together athletes of the world with their Equality Campaign.

Nike Equality Campaign Banner

Source –

Rely on Aesthetic Visuals 

Social media (especially Instagram) lately is all about eye-catching visuals. If your content isn’t pleasing to look at, it is getting scrolled past within seconds. 

Check out how La Bruyere Farm has advertised its property as the ultimate romantic getaway by posting high-quality photos. 

Analyze Your Social Media Performance With Vaizle 

Once you’re actively posting on social media, the next step is to track the account’s performance. How many followers have you gained? What’s the change in engagement metrics? How many people are buying from your ads or using the CTA button to access your website? 

All these questions can be answered easily with Vaizle. 

Vaizle is a comprehensive marketing analytics and social media reporting tool that lets you access the latest social media metrics within seconds. You can see if key metrics like CTR, impressions, reach, engagement, likes, shares, and others have improved or tanked over some time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is social media important for business?

Social media channels are extremely important for your business and can help improve your brand’s online presence substantially. Social media can help you engage with existing customers, find out the general consensus concerning your business, and attract new leads.

How can social media help your business?

Social media can help your business in multiple ways like increasing brand awareness, targeting specific audiences with ads, conducting market research, and establishing a relationship with your customers.

Is social media good for small businesses?

Yes, social media is a proven boon for small businesses as it can help increase brand awareness exponentially. Small businesses can advertise on social media without breaking the bank and reach customers more likely to make a purchase from their business. Also, social media helps keep track of what the competitors are up to.

How to track the performance of social media marketing for your account?

To track social media marketing performance, you can utilize a marketing analytics suite like Vaizle. Vaizle offers multiple free tools where you can identify data patterns by checking key metrics and day-wise analysis of the account.

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