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Mamta May 17, 2024

Did you know that there are over 10 million advertisers on Facebook alone? Needless to say, the platform boasts unmatched advertising potential and is the key area to focus on for upcoming brands and businesses all over the world.  

But if you are new to the Facebook marketing landscape, you need to pick up a few things — including a proper understanding of key Facebook ad metrics and how you can track them using the Facebook Creator Studio.  

Side by side, you also need to be aware of the market standards and latest Facebook ad benchmarks.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss more about the Facebook benchmarks based on geographical region and industry in this blog.  

Facebook Ad Benchmarks by Geographical Region  

When advertising on Facebook, you get several options for choosing ad objectives for a campaign. Based on these objectives, you can check the relevant Facebook ad metrics and further optimize the campaign to get maximum ROI.  

For example: if you’re based in the US and want to drive traffic to your website, you will want to keep track of Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Action (CPA). By tracking these metrics, you will be able to make relevant changes in the Facebook ad campaign and get the desired results. 

But how will you be able to judge if the Facebook ad metric value you’re getting is correct by industry standards or not? To do so, you need to know the latest Facebook ad benchmarks.  

Let’s dive into benchmarks for Facebook ads metrics for different geographical regions.  

Facebook Ad Benchmarks in US  

  • Amount Spent: 80663.85 USD 
  • CPA: 911.303 
  • CPC: 1.401 
  • CPM: 10.836 
  • Cost per Lead: 7.0154 
  • Cost per Purchase: 1.672 
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): 2.734 

Facebook Ad Benchmarks in Europe 

  • Amount Spent: 66337.54 USD 
  • CPA: 279.66 
  • CPC: 1.35 
  • CPM: 4.99 
  • Cost per Lead: 2.92 
  • Cost per Purchase: 0.9 
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): 2.95 

Facebook Ad Benchmarks in the United Arab Emirates  

  • Amount Spent: 20299.86 USD 
  • CPA: 363.72 
  • CPC: 1.08 
  • CPM: 2.96 
  • Cost per Lead: 7.793 
  • Cost per Purchase: 0.67 
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): 1.52 

Facebook Ad Benchmarks in the United Kingdom 

  • Amount Spent: 159893.17 USD 
  • CPA: 1127.47 
  • CPC: 2.68 
  • CPM: 14.44 
  • Cost per Lead: 5.708 
  • Cost per Purchase: 2.75 
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): 3.28 

Facebook Ad Benchmarks in Australia 

  • Amount Spent: 44731.91 USD 
  • CPA: 501.58 
  • CPC: 1.79 
  • CPM: 21.86 
  • Cost per Lead: 5.25 
  • Cost per Purchase: 18.05 
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): 2.8 

Facebook Ads Benchmarks in Canada 

  • Amount Spent: 83648.07 USD 
  • CPA: 476.67 
  • CPC: 3.33 
  • CPM: 9.79 
  • Cost per Lead: 3.41 
  • Cost per Purchase: 1.26 
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): 2.24 

Facebook Ads Benchmarks in Egypt  

  • Amount Spent: 17112.1 USD 
  • CPA: 9.38 
  • CPC: 0.26 
  • CPM: 1.58 
  • Cost per Lead: 3.93 
  • Cost per Purchase: 3.25 
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): 3.24 

Facebook Ad Benchmarks by Industry  

According to a study by Wordstream, Facebook ad benchmarks for different industries are as follows: 

Facebook ads Benchmarks according to Wordstream 

How to Improve Your Facebook Ads Performance?  

If your Facebook ad performance isn’t matching the benchmarks, it is time to recheck your social media strategy

Here are a few ways to improve key metrics, including conversion rate for Facebook ads:  

(PS: Checking conversion rate for Facebook ads is now easy with Vaizle’s free Facebook ad analysis tool. You can view insights into visitor behavior, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Now, go ahead and optimize your website and marketing campaigns to get better revenue.) 

Writing persuasive & high-impact ads  

If the messaging in your ads isn’t clear enough for the audience, you won’t notice any engagement or clicks whatsoever.  

As such, ensure that your ad includes all three fields:  

  • Headline 
  • Description 
  • Primary Text  

Also, enable the ‘optimize text per person’ option so that Facebook can switch up the ad components to improve performance.  

Installing the Meta-pixel  

Also known as the Facebook retargeting pixel, Meta pixel is a code snippet that can help you:  

  • Track user activity on the website 
  • Build look-alike and custom audiences  
  • Create remarketing campaigns  

Fine-tuning ads with A/B testing  

Meta also lets you create A/B tests to identify the issue with the ad by comparing different creative assets, ad placements, and audiences.  

While running the ad, see whether the A or B option performs better and optimize the rest of your campaigns accordingly.  

How to Use Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic & Leads?  

Marketers advertise on Facebook with different objectives in mind. Some want to spread brand awareness, while others might to generate sales and hike their ROI.  

Facebook lets you select an objective before setting up a new campaign, including Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App promotion, and Sales.  

Campaign objectives available in the Facebook ads dashboard

Now, if you want to improve Facebook ads traffic and leads, you need to:  

  • Define the target audience: Meta ads offer multiple demographic targeting options like age, gender, region, language, educational qualification, job titles, relationship status, home ownership, and more. Toggle with the audience settings to laser focus on the consumer niche that is more likely to make a purchase.  
  • Retarget website visitors: You have a higher chance of driving sales when all the users who visited your website in the past are retargeted again with exclusive offers and messages. As such, you can add the website link to your Facebook ads and build a ‘retargeting pool.’  
  • Show real people in your ads: You don’t need to write ad copies that sound way too sophisticated, or AI-generated. Instead, focus on keeping the content simple and use real people in your ad images or videos to help the user feel more connected to your brand.  

How to Improve Facebook Ads CTR & Conversion Rate?  

Facebook ads CTR and Conversion Rate are related in many ways. You can’t see an improvement in the latter without the former.  

So, how do you hike up the CTR? Let’s have a look at some of the tried and tested ways to interest your audience:  

Keep the ad copy short 

Generally, it has been noticed that the engagement rate decreases as the length of the text increases. Ensure to keep the ad messaging straightforward and easy to understand. 

Facebook ad by Farm Hill

Ask intriguing questions 

Your headline should be the ad showstopper and immediately capture attention. Asking questions might ignite curiosity in the reader and motivate them to click or engage with the ad. 

Facebook ad by Ahrefs

Use action verbs  

For improved CTR, you need to motivate the user to take action. Therefore, use the right action verbs that will encourage the potential consumer to stop scrolling and do what you want them to!  

Facebook ad by Unbounce

Add relevant emojis  

To add visual emphasis and a more friendly touch to your ads, you can use relevant emojis. However, ensure that you aren’t misusing them, which can in turn lead to distraction from the actual cause.  

Facebook ad by Green Blender


Getting your Facebook ads game strong can be pretty challenging! Especially if you are new to social media marketing. Hopefully, the tips and strategies listed in this blog will help you achieve your goals and reach the Facebook ads benchmarks.  

Vaizle makes it easy for you to track Facebook ad performance, identify any voids in your marketing strategy, and explore latest insights to optimize campaigns accordingly!  

Go ahead and meet your Facebook ad benchmarks by adding these tools to your social media kit:  

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