Facebook Ad Metrics You Need to Track for Marketing Success

Facebook Ads Metrics: 8 Metrics that Matter the Most

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Mamta April 4, 2024

Gen Z might not consider Facebook to be the trendy hangout spot, but that doesn’t lessen its potential as the ultimate advertising platform.  

Facebook alone brings 19% of the global ad revenue and is a top-shelf priority for all social media managers and marketers for improving brand awareness, sales, and engagement.  

With its advanced audience targeting options and unmatched user base of 3.05 billion MAUs, Facebook is where your potential customers and competitors are. Undoubtedly, that’s where you need to be as well!  

Getting started with advertising on Facebook is easy, but the real challenge emerges when you have to track Facebook ad metrics for optimizing ad campaigns.  

In this blog, I will discuss the importance of Facebook ads metrics and top KPIs you need to be aware of! Let’s get started.  

What are Facebook Ad Metrics?  

Facebook ad metrics are quantitative data measures that help analyze the performance of any ongoing advertising campaign. With these metrics, you can easily judge how the audience is reacting to your ads and make data-informed decisions for future campaigns.  

Why are Facebook Ads Metrics Important?  

Imagine running Facebook ads without knowing their impact. Sounds pointless, right?  

That’s where Facebook ads metrics come into the picture!  

Here are a few key benefits of tracking Facebook ad metrics that you should know:  

  • You can easily understand the extent of campaign performance and spot any areas of growth. 
  • With the latest Facebook ad metrics, you can refine your targeting settings to reach a more relevant audience. 
  • Data insights will also help you calculate ROI and know how profitable the ad campaigns are.  

Important Facebook Ad Metrics You Need to Track  

If you want to become a Facebook advertising champion, knowing the right metrics to track is an important part of your work.  

Most marketing beginners simply get stuck on vanity metrics like comments, likes, or follower count, which in turn can distract them from pointers that matter. 

To make the job a bit simpler for you, I am listing down 8 metrics for Facebook ads that will help optimize your campaigns and get real results:  

  • Click-through Rate (CTR)  
  • Cost per Result & Cost per Conversion 
  • Ad Impressions 
  • Ad Clicks 
  • Ad Frequency  
  • Conversion Rate  
  • Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)  
  • Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)  

Click-through Rate (CTR)  

CTR is one of the key Facebook ad metrics that helps find how often people are clicking the ad after seeing it.  

You can also say that the click-through rate is the ratio of the total number of times users clicked the ad and the total times your ad was seen on Facebook.   

Facebook Ads Manager lists two types of CTR:  

  • CTR (All) that tells you about the total clicks on the ad 
  • CTR (Links) tells you about the total number of times an ad link was clicked 

CTR percentage = (Clicks / Impressions) x 100  

Cost per Result & Cost per Conversion  

Cost per result is a data metric used to define the total amount spent to get a specific result. This result could be anything — ranging from conversion to a newsletter signup or a booked demo.  

When the specified result is conversion, cost per result turns into cost per conversion.  

To simplify, cost per conversion tells you how much you’re spending to convert a user or to convince them to take a specific action (like purchasing a product, booking a demo, or signing up for the free trial).   

Ad Impressions  

Ad impressions are the total number of times your ad was shown in the user feeds. This Facebook ad metric doesn’t really specify if your ad was clicked by the user or not.  

If you want to spread brand awareness and get noticed by the targeted consumer niche, you need to focus on improving ad impressions.  

Ad Clicks  

As the nomenclature suggests, ad clicks tell you the number of times your ad was clicked by the user. Basically, this Facebook ad metric will include anything that goes beyond simply viewing (like expanding the ad, clicking the link, or commenting).  

Improvement in ad clicks implies that your advertisement is well received by the target audience and that users are showing their interest in one way or another.  

Ad Frequency  

Ad frequency is one of the crucial Facebook ad metrics and tells you the number of times your ad was viewed by a person on average.  

For example: if your ad frequency is 4, it implies that a user has seen the ad 4 times on average.  

Ad Frequency = Total impressions/number of unique users viewing the ad 

Conversion Rate  

Conversion rate is the percentage of users who have taken the desired action after seeing your ad.  

As a marketer, your goal should be to convert maximum individuals. To do so, you need a strong call to action.  

Conversion Rate = (Total number of conversions / Total number of ad interactions) x 100 

PS: Some marketers would argue that conversion rate is one of the most important Facebook ad metrics to keep track of. 

Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)  

CPM is the total amount you’re spending to get 1000 impressions on your ad.  

CPM can help you understand how the price changes when the ad publisher or ad placement changes.  

CPM = (Total ad spend / Total impressions) x 1000 

Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)  

RoAS tells you how much money you’re making compared to the amount you’re spending on ad campaigns. In short — money you make vs money you spend.  

Knowing the return on ad spend for your campaigns is essential for measuring the profitability of your advertising efforts.  

RoAS = (Revenue of ads / Cost of ads) x 100  

How to Track Facebook Ad Metrics?  

Now that you know of top advertising metrics for Facebook, let’s understand how you can track them.  

Using Facebook Ads Manager 

Facebook’s built-in analytics feature is a reliable and free-of-cost option to keep track of all Facebook ad metrics.  

You can select the metrics you want to view for a particular ad campaign and automatically view the data in the live dashboard.  

Facebook ads manager tool

Using Facebook Ads Manager is an ideal option for anyone who’s handling only a selected few accounts and limited ad platforms.  

But if you’re running ads for various clients on different platforms, you need to access a marketing analytics suite to keep track of all the data.  

Accessing Vaizle   

Vaizle is a comprehensive marketing analytics suite that can help bring all your ad data to a single dashboard.  

With the FREE Facebook Ads Analysis tool, you can:  

  • View the account overview and check the change in all the key metrics. 
  • Get funnel-level analysis to see how users are converting and exiting the funnel. 
  • Check the periodic analysis of the ad campaign 

All you need to do is log in with your Facebook credentials and select ad account you want the data for! 

Vaizle will now load Facebook ad account insights and present them in an easy-to-understand manner.

How to Create a Great Facebook Ad Report?  

Simply tracking Facebook ad metrics isn’t enough!  

You also need to put this data in an impressive social media report to present to your team or clients.  

With Vaizle’s Custom Report Generator, you can easily create comprehensive, white-labeled reports within minutes. Simply log in to your Vaizle account, click on ’Build a new report,’ and select the Facebook ad metrics you want to track.  

Social media report builder by Vaizle

Not to forget, Vaizle not only lets you build visual social media reports but also:  

  • Share the live link of the Facebook ad report 
  • Duplicate the entire report  
  • Or save the template for future use  


Facebook ad metrics are required to know how your campaigns are performing and whether the target audience is responding well or not.  

As a marketer, one of the goals is to track advertising metrics that actually matter for your brand’s long-term success, and not get stuck on vanity metrics. You can then optimize the campaigns to get the desired results.   

Hopefully, this blog gave you a functioning idea about the top metrics to track: CTR, CPC, RoAS, Conversion Rate, and more.  

Vaizle’s free Facebook Ads Analysis tool gives you an overview of all these metrics within seconds. To access more social and ad platforms, you can further upgrade your plan.  


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most important metric in Facebook ads?

Depending on your goals, the most important Facebook ad metric will vary. However, Conversion Rate and Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) are generally considered to be important metrics that can define the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns.  

2. What is a good CPM for Facebook ads?

CPM value will depend on the industry you operate in. Generally, it has been noticed that the average CPM for Facebook ads will remain around $11.  

3. What is a good CTR on Facebook ads?

Click-through Rate (CTR) for Facebook ads will depend on the ad format and industry you’re operating in. However, the average Facebook ads CTR across all industries is 0.90.  

4. What is a good conversion rate for Facebook ads?

A good conversion rate for Facebook ads is nearly 10% 

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