Instagram Reels Views Increase Hack: How to get Views on Instagram reels in 2024

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Arushi Monga July 8, 2024

The reach of Instagram reels is several times more than that of images on Instagram. No wonder Instagram reels are increasingly becoming an important tool in Instagram marketing.

A common query that comes is whether there are any Instagram reel views increase hacks to increase Insta reel views.

In this guide, we will cover in detail Instagram Reels viral hacks so that you understand how to increase views on Instagram reels.

How to increase views on Instagram reels?

Instagram Reels Viral Hack: 17 Instagram Reels Views Increase hack to go Viral

“How to get more views on reels?” is one of the most pondered questions. While there is no guaranteed strategy to do so, following the below-mentioned hacks can help you increase free Instagram Reel views:

Creating Original Content

Instagram prefers original content. If you reuse reels from any other platforms, your reels may be deprioritized. The consequence?
Your reel might not gain as much visibility on the Instagram Explore Page and the Reels tab. So, avoid using content that has watermarks of other apps. Prefer creating your reels within the Instagram app to increase the Instagram reel views

Choosing a Great Thumbnail

Attractive thumbnails can stop the scroll in this age when people simply skim and scroll past information. While letting Instagram choose the cover image for your reels is convenient, it might not be for the best if you’re wondering how to make your Reels go viral.

Instagram Thumbnail

Sharing Your Reels in Your Feed

Visibility of your reels is important to get views. But if you keep your reels only in the reels tab, it may impact the views of your reels. So, share your reels in the feed. By selecting an attractive thumbnail yourself, you can help in increasing the views of your reel.

share reels in feed

Trying Fun Transitions

Transitions captivate the audience. They arouse curiosity, and users are more likely to watch such reels with transformation transitions. So, try incorporating them into your content strategy.

Hooking Your Audience

Millions of reels are shared on Instagram every day. So, your hook must stop your audience. Use text, sound, etc, in a manner that immediately catches the eye of your audience and encourages them to stop the scroll.

hooking your audience

Engaging with Similar Content

Another strategy to get free Instagram reel views is to engage with similar content. Instagram’s algorithm watches what you like and shows identical content. Engaging with posts you enjoy ensures your content reaches the right people who’ll appreciate it.

engage with similar content

Quality of Video Matters

The Instagram algorithm monitors several parameters when deciding which content or reels to push. One factor is the quality of your reel video.

So you should be aware of these aspects and ensure that the video quality of your reels is good.

Using Trending Music

Using the right music with your reel, is one of the best Instagram reel views hack. And to take the chances of your reel’s success a notch higher, use trending music. This will ensure that the chances of your reel appearing in the explore or reels section increase. Of course, not all reels require music, so be cautious about that.

use trending music

Adding Variety to Your Content

Reels are popular. We get it. But they should not be the only type of content you share. Focus also on other types of content like posts and stories. Understand that each piece and type of content eventually reinforce each other. If someone engages with your image post, the algorithm may suggest your reel next to them. So, ensure that you have a diversified variety of content strategies.

Short Captions and Hashtags

Nobody likes to read a wall of text. So, your caption should be short and interesting and should provide the reel’s context. Some analyses have concluded that if the caption is less than 30 words, the Instagram rate of engagement is higher. Use hashtags for Instagram reels for more views.

instagram captions and hashtags

Using Templates for Viral Reels

Another strategic Instagram reel views hack is to use Instagram reel templates. These are templates that have already proven to be successful. So why not leverage them for your brand?

Simply go and tap on the reels icon and then select camera, and you will find the templates tab below the record button.

Voice Filters and Sound Effects

One of tried and tested Instagram reels viral hack is to enhance Instagram reels by using creative audio. How?

Use voice effects for fun effects like a robot or singer. Add sound effects for engaging moments. The result will be that your reels become more fun and engaging, thereby increasing your Insta reel views.

instagram voice filters and sound effects

Replying to Comments with Reels

Want to know about a crazy Instagram reels views increase hack for Reels?

Engage with Reel comments using Reels.

Yes, that is right.

But how, you ask?

Just tap “reply,” and you will see a camera icon for recording your response Reel.

Converting Highlights to Reels

If you’re looking up how to post Reels on Instagram for more views, you can also try converting your saved Instagram stories in highlights as Reels.

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Yes, it is an amazing strategy to repurpose your existing content. This can help you use your best content again to widen your audience base.

converting instagram highlights to reels

Highlights can be converted into reels to attract a wider audience since users’ preferences have changed due to the numerous updates.

hightlight to reel

Sharing Reels to Instagram Story

Another important Instagram reel views hack is sharing your reel into your Instagram story. But don’t be boring. Get creative. Use intriguing captions. And see how your free Instagram reel views increase.

share reels to instagram story

Following Hype Trends

Trends on Instagram reels have a short lifespan. Incorporating these trends in your content strategy is important for the discoverability of your reels. Keep in mind that Instagram’s algorithm prefers fresh content. So, following hype trends that resonate with your brands can be a smart strategy.

Text Alignment Tips

There is a deluge of content everywhere. So, if you use a text that is difficult to read, expect users to scroll past it.

So, use text aligned within the 4:5 ratio. Not only will your text be easier to read, but it will also be more appealing to the eye.

text alignment tips

Adding GIFs for Fun

If you’re looking for how to make your reels go viral, try using GIFs. GIFs are an amazing way to spice up your reels.

How to add GIFs to your reels?

After recording your reel and while editing it, select the stickers icon and choose a gif that is relevant to your reel. Be careful while setting the video frames to ensure that the gif appears in the right place. Once done, publish your reel.

add gifs to reels

If you follow the above-listed Instagram Reels viral hack, we are sure you will never have to wonder why are my Instagram reels not getting views.

Why are my Instagram Reels not getting views?

Are you trying to leverage Instagram reels but not getting enough views?

While reels are becoming popular, make sure that is not the only form of content you are using. Also, if you are at the early stage of brand building, focus on organically building a community.

In case your reels are not getting sufficient views, reflect on the following:

  1. Are you posting unique content or reusing the one from other platforms? (Remember that Instagram’s algorithm does not support content from other platforms.)
  2. Do you record reel in the vertical format?
  3. Is the quality of your reels good?
  4. Is your hook captivating enough to stop the scroll?
  5. Are you posting consistently?
  6. Are your reels optimized?

Reflecting on these aspects will help you answer your question.

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In this blog, we have shared with you 17 Instagram reel views hack to answer the most asked question on “How to increase views on Instagram reels?”. While there is no sure shot strategy that can guarantee increased Insta reel views, following these hacks should improve your reel views. Keep in mind that Insta reels are just one component of Instagram content strategy, and for comprehensive Instagram brand building, you should not ignore the other components. Eventually, remember that consistency will be the key to your Instagram reel’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I viral my reels on Instagram?

To create reels that go viral on Instagram-
1. Create a high-quality and relevant reel
2. Leverage trending music
3. Use suitable captions and hashtags
4. Ensure the thumbnail is eye-catching

Can reels be monetized?

Yes. For this, you will have to follow and meet certain eligibility criteria. This includes requirements like:
1. The number of followers should be 10k or above
2. Following community guidelines’
3. Post engagement criteria, etc.

Do longer reels get fewer views?

It is generally observed that shorter reels of around 10 seconds do well on Instagram. It does not mean that longer reels don’t work. It depends on the quality of your content.

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