Instagram Stories vs Posts: Which Works Best?

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Arushi Monga May 17, 2024

There are many ways to share content on Instagram these days – posts, stories, and reels. Though these options are provided on the same platform, they are extremely different from one another.

Marketers looking to reach their audiences through social media – Instagram can be a powerful vehicle to reach your target audiences with a unique and creative approach.

For instance: Instagram stories published by brands and businesses help drive high views. On the other hand, Instagram posts are effective for establishing a deeper connection with the audience.

With any social media platform, you just cannot throw up a bunch of content and expect it to connect instantly with your audiences. The Instagram algorithm doesn’t function this way.

You must be strategic in your approach to decode what type of content works best for the individual Instagram format. You need to comprehend which content is post-relevant and which is, alternatively, Stories-worthy.

If you are confused on the same and are thrown off balance making decisions between Instagram story vs post – we are here to help!

What Is an IG Story?

This is the most recent addition to the world of Instagram.

Instagram stories are vertical photos or videos, which are a maximum of 150 seconds long. Stories can be videos, images, texts, stickers, or polls.

IG stories disappear after 24 hours (automatically deleted by the system). But users can also save stories as ‘Story Highlights.’  The more engaging your content is, the more Instagram algorithms are likely to boost your Ig Stories.

What Are They Good For?

Instagram stories portray a lighter side of your brand: an ideal way for businesses to show how fun they can be. Stories can be anything like showing audiences behind-the-scenes work or having fun with customers. It is less polished than posts and is an exciting way to present the humorous side of your brand.

Ig Stories are great for testing new content formats: Since these Stories disappear after 24 hours, businesses can test out different types of content and tactics through their stories. 

Getting website clickthrough: Businesses with access to the ‘swipe up’ feature of their stories can add website links to the Instagram stories, which automatically increases their click-through rates to the website.

What Are Instagram Posts 

Traditionally, Instagram was known for its posts and images. 

Instagram posts are square photos (or short videos) shared on the Instagram account that appear in a user’s main feed.

Unlike stories, posts remain forever (until deleted by the user). You can also write captions to your posts, which appear below the image or videos.

What Are They Good For?

Providing polished content: Being primarily a visual medium, Instagram posts allow you to present elements of design and branding and then make them the centerpiece of your posts.

Sharing longer messages: Stories don’t provide much space for text, but in Instagram posts, you can write up to 2,200 characters.

Findable content: Unlike stories, Instagram posts are ‘searchable.’ You need to use location targeting and trending hashtags to make your posts more findable.

Difference Between Posts And Stories On Instagram

Both Instagram stories and posts are curated to communicate with customers about your brand – but there are major differences between the two. Read to know. 

Instagram Stories

A unique concept of Instagram stories is that – it allows your followers to view images and footage they might not see on your feed often.

Instagram stories are fleeting, fun, and enticing. Though they only last for 15 seconds and disappear after 24 hours, you can feature the best of your stories at the top of your profile.

Instagram stories come in vertices in a 9:16 ratio, and if you have videos to publish in your Instagram stories, they are shown one after the other like a slideshow.

Stories appear on the top of the Instagram app rather than someone’s feed. Compared to posts, Instagram stories have a more casual approach, and since nothing goes on your permanent record here, you are free to try things to engage your audiences.

Instagram stories are the perfect tool for brands to involve their target group. Since stories are viewed only for a few seconds, it is crucial to convey your messages unequivocally so that viewers don’t have to pause or rewind to understand your message.

Instagram Posts

Instagram Posts are the bulk of Instagram content. It is a square photo (or video) shared on an Instagram account and remains visible on your account. Not to forget, posts are a traditional approach of Instagram – which is mainly about images to get messages across.

Though Instagram posts are between 138 to 150 characters, you can use multiple hashtags in your Instagram posts, which improves the reach of your posts and exposes your brand to potential customers. 

No matter which Instagram post format is your favorite, Instagram posts will always remain evergreen, no matter how advanced it gets. They will appear on your profile forever, so they garner more views over a longer period.

Instagram posts must reflect your brand image and values. Therefore for major brands and or accounts, Instagram posts are highly curated.

You can also curate exclusive, trending, and enjoyable Instagram posts for business accounts and impress your audiences by sharing content they enjoy the most. Vaizle social media tool and ad analytic tool gives businesses the option to analyze their top posts that resonate with the audiences and also find the best post of your competitors that are generating the most engagement. Along with it, this analyzer also helps you find the top hashtags that you can use on your posts to widen their reach, respectively. 

When To Use Instagram Posts? 

Not all content works well for Instagram posts. Use your IG posts for content that is:

  • Timeless: Content that will never go out of trend, and people will be willing to see it forever.
  • Curated: Publish treasurable content on your feed.
  • Designed for reach: Posts that more likely to reach new audiences compared to Instagram stories
  • Inaudible Posts: Most Instagram users like to scroll through their feeds with the sound off.

Ideal Business Instagram Posts Includes:

  • High-quality, professional product shots
  • Well-curated short videos

When To Use Instagram Stories?

Just like Instagram posts are not useful for all posts. Similarly, Instagram Stories are ideal options for certain types of content. Use Instagram stories when posting about:

  • Prompt content: Since Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, try to add content in your Instagram stories that is more ‘at the moment.’
  • Random: Light, behind-the-scenes content, selfie videos  
  • Designed for engagement: Instagram stories are watched by your current followers
  • Sound on: Instagram users prefer to watch stories with their sounds on

Professional Instagram Stories Include:

Limited or short-term discounts and sales

  • Breaking announcements
  • Polls for customers
  • Behind-the-scenes work 

Similarities Between Instagram Stories and Posts

In the previous section, we covered Instagram story vs post. Now we will understand the similarities between them – and how you can use them together to drive more businesses.

Implement Some Of The Content Types That You Tried On Stories

As mentioned previously, Instagram stories are great for testing content. Use this feature to find out about content types and topics that you want to try out in your posts. If something works on your story, consider adopting it as a post and part of your content strategy.

Gain Followers Using Posts

Indeed Instagram stories are great for engaging clients, but they can only view your stories when they have started following you. So you need to let your customers know about your presence. Optimizing posts, hashtags, and location is a great way to attract a larger audience, and then you can use stories to generate more engagement.

Fun On Stories, Polished On Posts

Stories and Posts work in tandem to drive growth for your businesses.

Use posts for advertising your products and services and use stories to present behind–the–scenes to your audiences – but in a fun way.

Instagram Story vs Post: Did You Choose One? 

Posts and Stories allow you to offer complementary – yet distinctive – pieces of content. So you can’t really choose one over the other! Your Instagram marketing strategy should be a balance between stories and posts. Use the format as per the content demands. 

Instagram can be a profit-making machine for your business – only if you know how to use it well!

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