How to Begin With Influencer Marketing? (Benefits and Strategies)

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Mamta June 4, 2024

Influencer marketing is like a revamped version of celebrity endorsements in many ways. You reach out to popular individuals and partner with them to advertise your brand on social media. 

While influencer advertising is not an entirely new concept, it still confuses many business owners and social media marketers. There are plenty of initial doubts and queries to deal with: What to publish, who to collaborate with, and how to manage social media content. 

Delving into content marketing can be hectic and to make the journey a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled this introductory guide. Keep reading to learn how to do influencer marketing and strategies to focus on. 

What is Influencer Marketing? 

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing where a brand collaborates with a popular individual to promote its products or services. Usually, influencers are considered to be subject matter experts in a certain niche and are trusted by their followers to make good recommendations. 

In other words, Influencer marketing is a strategic approach to captivating a specific market segment with the help of well-known and trusted people.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing 

Did you know that 86% of B2B brands consider influencer marketing successful?

According to Ursula Ringham, Head of Global Influencer Marketing, SAP: “If a B2B brand does not already have an influencer marketing program, it is a missed opportunity.”

Here are a few benefits of influencer marketing to note:

Influencers can help build brand awareness

Not seeing impressive sales figures? If so, you’re probably missing the power of an engaged audience and social media hype. Partnering with influencers with massive reach can help you infiltrate the market, spread the word about your brand, and establish social proof.

You can leverage the power of long-term relationships

Bryan Kramer once said, “There’s no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human.” 

Safe to say, connecting with people is more important than blatant promotion. And what better way to appeal to your audiences’ relatability than by partnering with their trusted influencers? Long-term collaborations will also help build credibility in the eyes of an average consumer. 

Give your social media accounts a much-needed boost 

More followers will get you more reach, which ultimately is going to impact your brand’s website traffic and sales positively. Working with influencers will get you seen in the digital landscape and boost the following count on your socials. 

Let’s have a look at Bonus Benefits: 

  • Influencer marketing can be a smart way to beat ad blockers! 
  • It will inspire the ‘halo effect’ and create an overall positive impression. 

How to Create Social Media Influencer Marketing Strategy? 

Like any other social media strategy, influencer advertising is all about identifying your goals and devising a plan to meet them. As such, the first step to focus on is finding the right influencers in your niche. Once you have a list of potential profiles ready, you can move to the next steps. 

Here are 4 social media influencer marketing strategies you should know: 

Find and connect with influencers 

You need to find influencers – we have already established that! But how can you do so? 

Firstly, you must know of a few names who are dominating the social sphere in your industry. If not, go to any social media channel and type the primary keyword that best defines your brand. You’ll be able to easily spot top contributors and content creators. 

Additionally, you can also use tools like: 

  • Influencer Analytics: This tool by Semrush lets you find relevant individuals for influencer advertising simply by entering keywords or channels. You can also see metrics for a specific influencer. 
  • BuzzSumo: Here you can find influencers based on widely shared content and top sharers for different social media channels. 

When it comes to connecting with influencers, you can reach out to them directly or contact their managers. For celebrities, you might need to proceed via an agency instead.

The cost of working with influencers, according to a study by Influencer Marketing Hub, is: 

Type of InfluencerNumber of FollowersInstagramTikTokYouTube
Nano10,000 or less$10-100$5-25$20-200
Macro500,000-1 million$5,000-10,000$1,250-2,500$10,000-20,000
Mega1 million or more$10,000+$2,500+$20,000+

Source- Coursera

Decide your key messaging 

Once you’re aware of the target audience, their buyer personas, and influencers in your niche, it is time to find out the campaign’s key messaging. 

Ask questions like: Are you planning to improve brand awareness amongst new and existing audiences or promote a new product launch? Do you want to drive direct sales or bring a new feature to light? 

You can run different types of influencer marketing campaigns like guest posting, sponsored content, takeovers, affiliates, contests, etc. Find out what your competitors have been doing in the past and what is likely to yield positive results. 

Come up with a proper management plan 

Remember, you can’t treat the influencers the same as your employees. As such, you need to have a proper employee onboarding process flow and a management plan to ensure smooth workflow.

Based on the resources available, you can decide whether you want to contact them yourself, hire an agency, or use an influencer marketing platform. 

Side by side, ensure that you are maintaining open communication and letting them know your expectations beforehand. Doing so will reduce the to and fro between your team and the influencers’. 

Bonus Tip: Let them have creative control and avoid micromanaging at every step to get the best results possible. 

Revise your strategy regularly 

Now that your influencer marketing campaign is up and running, the next step is to track its performance and make changes accordingly. 

Before proceeding further, it is crucial to know more about social media metrics and which particular KPIs are best suited for your strategy. For more information, head over to Social Media Metrics: 5 Social media metrics you need to track in 2024

Tracking data will help you know what works best for your brand in terms of influencer advertising and what doesn’t! Based on that, you can further revise the strategy and work accordingly. 

To get real-time insights for your advertising campaigns, using an analytics tool like Vaizle is your best bet. The Social Media Competitor Analysis Tool helps you track metrics like fan growth, engagement rate, top-performing hashtags, and posts for your account and compare them with your competitors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 R’s of influencer marketing?

The 3 R’s of influencer marketing are Reach, Relevance, and Resonance. These 3 pillars will help you find the right influencer for your business. Reach implies how popular the individual is, relevance helps find out if they are appropriate for your niche or not, and resonance defines how connected the influencer is with their audience.

What does influencer marketing do?

Influencer marketing is a social media strategy that involves a collaboration of brands and credible content creators within a specific niche. It can help build brand awareness and reach target audiences.

How does the influencer work?

If you’re wondering how to do influencer marketing, you can think about running various campaigns based on guest posting, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and hosting contests. Most influencers will prefer to get paid in monetary terms and charge somewhere between $10-100 for an Instagram post. The price will vary depending on the influencer’s reach and number of followers.

How to run an influencer program?

To run an influencer program, you need to first set your goals and understand the target audience. Once you have all the information about the campaign, you need to start finding the right influencers to collaborate with and reach out to them for a partnership.

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