145+ Best Hashtags for YouTube Shorts that Boost Engagement [2024]

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Ashtam Garg July 10, 2024

What if I told you there’s a set of best hashtags for YouTube Shorts that will fetch you a million views instantly?  

While this situation might be hypothetical, the ability of YouTube tags to work wonders for your channel visibility is definitely not. YouTube Shorts hashtags help creators like you sort posts and get them seen by viewers you want to reach out to. Basically, with the right YouTube tags, you can maximize your video’s reach, increase engagement, and grow your subscriber base. 

But if you can’t figure out which popular hashtags will be right for your channel, this blog is for you! Keep reading further to get a comprehensive list of viral hashtags that will help you manage YouTube channels easily.

Top Hashtags for YouTube Shorts that Maximize Reach  

YouTube Shorts are great at grabbing people’s attention and finding new folks to watch your videos, all in a super short time. But that’s only possible when you pick the correct set of trending YouTube tags that increase the chances of your videos being discovered by new viewers. 

In this blog, I have compiled more than 150 trending tags for YouTube Shorts that cover different topics. Now, keep shortlisting the best hashtags that fit your niche and will help your YouTube channel get the much-needed traffic boost.  

Recent Trending Tags for YouTube Shorts  

Regardless of the niche you follow, it’s super important to keep up with what’s hot. If you’re making YouTube Shorts, throwing in some trending YouTube hashtags can really help bring viewers looking for cool and popular stuff.  

Check out these buzzing tags for YouTube Shorts:  

  • #Shorts 
  • #YouTubeShorts 
  • #Viral 
  • #Trending 
  • #New 
  • #Explore 
  • #MustWatch 
  • #WatchNow 
  • #ForYou 
  • #TrendingNow 
  • #InstaReels 
  • #ViralVideo 
  • #DailyShorts 
  • #Entertainment 
  • #FYP 

Education-based YouTube Short Hashtags  

If you’re making learning videos on YouTube Shorts, you will have to pick niche-specific hashtags to draw in the target audience. However, these below-listed YouTube Shorts tags can also work well for you:  

  • #StudyTime 
  • #SmartLearning 
  • #QuickLearn 
  • #DailyLearning 
  • #LearnEveryday 
  • #LearningMadeEasy 
  • #StudyShorts 
  • #EduShorts 
  • #LearnWithMe 
  • #LearningIsFun 
  • #BrainTeasers 
  • #OnlineClasses  
  • #OnlineLearning

Top YouTube Tags for Comedy  

From what I’ve observed so far, comedy is super popular on YouTube Shorts. If you’re planning to dominate this niche, picking the right comedy hashtags can really help your videos get seen by more people. Try out these best hashtags for your comedy clips on YouTube Shorts: 

  • #Comedy 
  • #Funny 
  • #Laugh 
  • #Hilarious 
  • #Jokes 
  • #SketchComedy 
  • #ComedyShorts 
  • #StandUp 
  • #LaughOutLoud 
  • #Humor 
  • #Pranks 
  • #LOL 
  • #ComedyClips 
  • #ComedyVideos 

Gaming Hashtags for YouTube Shorts  

Gaming is big on YouTube Shorts, and if you use the right hashtags, you can catch the eye of gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Here’s a list of viral gaming hashtags for YouTube: 

  • #Gaming 
  • #Gamers 
  • #VideoGames 
  • #GamerLife 
  • #GamingCommunity 
  • #Gameplay 
  • #GamingNews 
  • #GamingSetup 
  • #GameOn 
  • #GamingChannel 
  • #Streamer 
  • #LetsPlay 
  • #GamePlaythrough 
  • #GameTime 
  • #GamerTag 

YouTube Shorts Hashtags for Vlogging  

Did you know over 4 in 10 users on the internet watch vlogs? Needless to say, vlogging is really taking off on YouTube Shorts!  

If you also want to establish your presence amongst the vlogging community, try using these top YouTube tags. 

  • #Vlog 
  • #Vlogger 
  • #DailyVlog 
  • #Vlogging
  • #LifeVlog
  • #VlogLife 
  • #TravelVlog 
  • #Vloggers 
  • #FamilyVlog 
  • #VlogChannel 
  • #VlogDay 
  • #LifestyleVlog 
  • #VloggersLife 
  • #VlogSquad 
  • #VloggersUnite 

Tech YouTube Hashtags  

If you’re making videos about tech on YouTube Shorts, throwing in the newest hashtags can really help you connect with viewers who love technology and keep up with what’s new. Here are some cool hashtags for your techy & trending tags for YouTube Shorts: 

  • #Tech 
  • #Technology 
  • #TechReview 
  • #Gadgets 
  • #TechNews 
  • #TechTips 
  • #TechTalk 
  • #TechTrends 
  • #TechVideos 
  • #Innovation 
  • #TechCommunity 
  • #TechLife 
  • #FutureTech 
  • #TechReviews 
  • #GadgetReview 

Best Hashtags for YouTube Shorts in Fitness 

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’ll have to draw in an audience that shares the same goals or is looking for inspiration to initiate their fitness journey. Here are some great hashtags for sharing your workout motivation on YouTube Shorts: 

  • #Fitness 
  • #Workout 
  • #FitnessMotivation 
  • #FitLife 
  • #Gym 
  • #FitnessJourney 
  • #HealthyLifestyle 
  • #FitnessGoals 
  • #Exercise 
  • #FitnessTips 
  • #FitnessInspiration 
  • #Training 
  • #FitnessAddict 
  • #GetFit 
  • #HealthAndFitness 

Travel Inspiration Hashtags for YouTube Shorts  

If you’re a wanderlust who creates short travel videos, YouTube can be an excellent platform to build your audience. To do so, you not only need YouTube SEO, but also these trending Shorts hashtags:  

  • #Travel 
  • #TravelVlog 
  • #Wanderlust 
  • #TravelGram 
  • #Adventure 
  • #TravelTips 
  • #Explore 
  • #TravelBlogger 
  • #TravelGoals 
  • #Tourism 
  • #Vacation 
  • #TravelDiaries 
  • #TravelPhotography 
  • #TravelGuide 
  • #WorldTravel 

How to Find the Best Hashtags to Use in YouTube Shorts?  

To get the best hashtags for your YouTube Shorts, it’s all about mixing research, looking closely at what works, and being creative. Here are some pointers you can follow to find trending tags for YouTube Shorts: 

Use the YouTube Search Feature  

When looking for hashtag suggestions, YouTube’s search feature comes in quite handy. All you need to do is type the “#” character and the YouTube algorithm will then recommend you all the trending hashtags in a particular region.  

If you want niche-specific hashtags, simply type the keyword and you will get plenty of suggestions to choose from. Say you’ve got some cool fitness Shorts; typing things like “fitness tips” or “workout routines” will help you pick the best tags for YouTube Shorts accordingly.

Screenshot of YouTube search feature with hashtags

Conduct Competitor Analysis  

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors’ social activities and dissect their most successful strategies. Doing so will help you discover top social media trends and know what your audience likes best.  

While you’re at it, check out what kind of popular hashtags they use to promote their content. If those trending YouTube tags helped them get noticed, they might do the trick for you too. 

But remember, while it’s useful to see what tags others find success with, make sure your hashtag strategy fits your own videos. Think of competitor hashtags as a starting point but don’t shy away from mixing in your own YouTube tag ideas to see what truly resonates with your audience. 

👉 Recommended Read: How to do YouTube Competitor Analysis in 5 Easy Steps  

Try out Different Hashtags Finder Tools  

A quick Google search will help you find several YouTube hashtag finder tools that will list relevant hashtags. This way, you don’t have to spend ages looking for hashtags yourself and get cool insights into what’s trending.  

Some of the top picks for these kinds of tools include TubeBuddy, VidIQ, and Hashtagify. With their help, you can easily find relevant hashtags for whatever topic or niche you’re focusing on and ensure that your videos get seen by the people who’ll enjoy them most. 

Engage With Your Audience  

Talking directly to your viewers is a great way to figure out what they like and are interested in. You should encourage them to drop comments, ask stuff, and share their thoughts on your YouTube Shorts.  

Now, simply keep an eye on those hashtags mentioned by your audience in their comments. It’s a smart move because it reveals which hashtags resonate with your target audience and helps refine your hashtag strategy for better results. 

Best Practices to Follow for YouTube Shorts Hashtags 

To get more eyes on your channel, you should know how to use hashtags for YouTube Shorts the right way. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:  

Make the Descriptions Catchy  

Here’s a hypothetical scenario for you to consider. A user comes across your YouTube Shorts and scrolls down without even seeing the whole thing. Sounds like a creator’s nightmare, right?  

That’s why you need to make the video captions or descriptions catchy. Your caption should give a quick snapshot of what’s in your video. To boost how easy it is to find your YouTube Shorts, make sure you include important keywords and hashtags right there in the description. 

💡BONUS TIP: If writing descriptions seems like a time-consuming task, check out our detailed guide on AI Text Generators right here.  

Note the Placement & Quantity  

When you’re adding hashtags to your YouTube Shorts, remember a couple of things to make sure they work the best for you: 

  • At the end of your video description or caption is where hashtags should go. This way, they don’t mess up what you’re trying to say in your video. 
  • Starting with at least three hashtags is a good idea because it helps more people see your videos. But try not to overdo it with too many hashtags; that can just make everything look messy. 
  • Pick out the best tags for YouTube that really show what’s in your video and who should watch it. 
  • Keep an eye on how well these tags are doing for you. If something isn’t working, switch things up. 

Use Branded Hashtags in Your Strategy  

Sure, you need to keep keywords and popular search phrases as your hashtags for YouTube Shorts. But don’t forget to create a branded hashtag that you exclusively use to promote your brand on YouTube and other social media platforms.  

Branded YouTube tags will also help you easily discover user-generated content and encourage viewers to participate in any ongoing challenges or trends.  

Add Location-based Hashtags  

If you’re running a local business that can benefit from a regional audience, don’t forget to add local hashtags to your marketing strategy. Doing so can help you connect with people actively searching for local businesses, events, or interests. 

Moreover, local hashtags also come in handy when you’re hosting a local sale, workshop, or participating in a community event.  

Analyze YouTube Channel Performance with Vaizle  

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But that’s not where the work cycle ends. After creating and publishing videos, you also need to regularly track their performance on Vaizle to see if you’re getting the desired results or not.  

Vaizle’s free YouTube Channel Analysis tool helps you get an in-depth overview of your channel performance for the last 30 days. Here, you can also discover the peak of your subscriber gain, video views, and top-performing content.  

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By using the right combination of best hashtags for YouTube Shorts, you can make sure more people see your videos.  

Honestly, it’s all about knowing how the system works, picking out niche hashtags that fit just right, and finding a good mix between what’s trending and YouTube tags that are more specific to your content.  

To get even better at this, talk with your viewers to see what they like, look at what YouTube Shorts hashtags your competitors are using, and try out tools designed to help find the perfect hashtag combo.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using viral hashtags in YouTube Shorts?

When you use hashtags in your YouTube Shorts, there are a bunch of cool things that can happen: 

  • With the help of popular hashtags, your YouTube Shorts can get out there more. This means they pop up when people search for stuff, making it easier for your target audience to find what you’ve made. 
  • By picking relevant hashtags that match what your video is about, new audiences who like those topics might come across your work and decide to watch. 
  • Lastly, organizing everything becomes a breeze. Viewers can easily sift through different types of videos on your channel if they’re neatly tagged. 

2. What are some of the best YouTube Shorts hashtags for views?

Some of the best YouTube Shorts hashtags for views are:  

  • #Shorts 
  • #YouTubeShorts 
  • #Viral 
  • #Trending 
  • #Explore 
  • #WatchNow 
  • #FYP 
  • #ForYouPage 
  • #MustWatch 
  • #New 
  • #ViralVideo 
  • #DailyShorts 
  • #ShortsFeed 
  • #InstaReels 
  • #ShortsViral 

3. How do you add hashtags to YouTube Shorts?

To add hashtags to YouTube Shorts, follow the below-given steps:  

  1. Open the YouTube app and click on the “+” button at the bottom.  
  2. Next, click on “Upload a Video” and select the media you want to add.  
  3. Now, add a caption with a catchy title and popular hashtags for your YouTube Shorts.  

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