Social Media Trend Analysis – Why is it Essential for Brands?

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Arushi Monga May 17, 2024

People are talking, are you listening? Whether you’re a newbie brand or have been partaking in the social media game for quite some time – to move your wheel of success to the next level – social media trend analysis is imperative. 

It is one of the most actionable methods to define trends and topics that are buzzing in the minds of your consumers!

Using social media trend analysis, you can track your competitor’s brand communication strategy, social media activity, and top performing posts on trending hashtags or keywords. The insights derived can be used to optimise your own social media strategy and grow your business efficiently.

The best and easiest way to gain such rich insights about the market is using Vaizle’s social media trend analysis tool!

“Vaizle social media trend analysis tool not only helps you see the top trending keywords and hashtags but also shows you how they are used in deeper detail.

If you’re intrigued to know how Vaizle’s Trend analysis can help a brand boost its visibility and engagement – in detail – this write-up is exclusively for you.

Using Vaizle trend analysis for tracking competitors brand activity

Keeping a tap on your competition on social media helps you stay ahead of them and identifying and using the right keywords and hashtags helps you expand your reach. 

Vaizle trend analysis not only helps you with trending keywords and hashtags but also helps you identify all the opportunities around those keywords and hashtags in the industry.

Brands can track the activity and engagement of their competitors around any particular keyword or hashtag.

For instance: Walmart wants to track the brand activity of Amazon around #InternationalWomensDay. Walmart only has to search for “#InternationalWomensDay” in Vaizle trend analysis, and all the brand activity around that keyword will appear.

Vaizle trend analysis for tracking competitors brand activity
Vaizle trend analysis

This will allow you to benchmark the best practices in their industry without using hit-and-trial methods. It won’t just save time but also accelerate the growth of a brand’s social media channels, thus improving its connection with its target audience.

Using Vaizle trend analysis to spot competitors’ communication strategy

A brand’s communication strategy has a vital role to play behind a successful social media marketing campaign. And It’s never easy to create one. 

There’s no other shortcut to knowing if something will work for your brand until you try it – Except One!. You can always learn from your competitors’ past social media campaigns.

Using Vaizle’s trend analysis, you can track the successful campaigns of your competition by searching for a hashtag or keyword that they were using during the campaigns. 

A brand can better understand its competitors communication strategy through the keywords or hashtags they’re repeatedly using to reach their target audience

Learn from their performance to make smart, data-driven decisions – instead of simply shooting in the dark.

For example, Clinique wants to track L’Oréal Paris messaging, medium, and target audience on social media around “Cannes 2022”. Clinique can simply search “Cannes2022 or #Cannes2022” and all the engagement activity and top performing posts of L’Oréal Paris around “#Cannes2022” will appear in Vaizle trend analysis.

Use Vaizle for keywords trendz analysis
analyse comeptitor using Vaizle trendz analysis tools

Vaizle’s trend analysis can help you uncover how aggressively your competitor campaigned around a particular event, on which platforms, and the kind of response they received from their audience.

Using Vaizle trend analysis to discover competitors’ product strategy

Understanding about your competitors’ brand activity or communicationation strategy will all go in vain if you don’t know which product to sell in the market.

Now choosing a product to promote in your social campaigns requires a lot of research. Hence, another way brands can use Vaizle’s trend analysis is by learning about their competitors’ product strategy. 

Analyzing which product your competitors are promoting repeatedly in their campaigns can help you identify the “hero product” of the brand. Once you figure out the “hero product”, you can devise your brand’s product strategy accordingly.

For Instance: Mary Kay wants to track the most promoted product of Estee Lauder on social media. They can search all the shortlisted products in the Vaizle trend analysis, say starting with “AdvancedNightRepair”. Top posts and its engagement related to “#AdvancedNightRepair” will appear in Vaizle’s trends analysis.

Find trendz in social media using Vaizle
Find Trends enegagement using Vaizle

Using Vaizle trend analysis to discover the best social media strategy

Social media trend analysis enables a brand to create a social media strategy that strikes an emotional chord with its customers, run more engaging advertising campaigns and targets its audience more precisely. Especially around events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday, New Year, etc.

Vaizle Trend Analysis can help brands identify social media strategies that are performing well or underperforming for competitors, and optimize their strategies accordingly.

For example, Walmart wants to track if Amazon is offering discounts in their social media strategy lately. By searching for “discount”, Walmart can check all the activity with discount-related keywords in Vaizle Trend analysis. 


All day wise keyword usage related to “discount” will appear in Vaizle’s trends analysis.

Vaizle's trends analysis tool

Walmart can check all the top posts with discount-related keywords in Vaizle Trend analysis.

How to make social media strategy using Vaizle trend analysis

It will just need a few clicks to identify your competitors social media strategy using Vaizle trend analysis if you know what trend to follow and how to benchmark your competitors social media strategy.


In a nutshell, Trend Analysis by Vaizle not only aids in the discovery and analysis of keywords and hashtags, but also helps you in identifying your competitors’ communication strategy, which products to pursue, and the eventual growth of your content in order to generate more engagement with your posts over time.

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Arushi Monga

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