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Arushi Monga July 1, 2024

Social media hashtags are like your personal guides — they help you find content from a specific niche and even establish authority as a creator.  

For accounts with followers less than 1000, using more than 11 hashtags can improve audience interaction by 79.5%.  

But with social media being bombarded with businesses from all industries, it can be hard to find hashtags that will yield the best results for you.  

To simplify this task, I have compiled a list of social media hashtags for all leading global industries!  

Popular Instagram Hashtags for Top Industries of 2024 

Real Estate  

With 63% of realtors actively using social media to promote listings and reach out to potential clients, the growth potential is unmatchable! You can upload visual content to promote properties and use social media for lead generation and driving traffic to your website.  

For example: check how Newmark, a real estate company from New York, uses LinkedIn to share the latest news from the industry and utilizes relevant social media hashtags.  

 LinkedIn post regarding real estate news.

Top Instagram hashtags for realtors are:  

#realestate, #realestatelife, #realestatesales, #foreclosure, #realestateinvestor, #homeforsale, #househunting, #broker, #realestategoals, #luxuryrealestate  


Social media is overrun with posts from the entertainment industry! With the rise of OTT platforms, there’s a noticeable surge of celebrity updates, trailer releases, bite-sized videos, and promotional content.  

To establish a solid presence in this industry, you can use social media hashtags in multiple ways. Here’s an example of Golden Globes using their brand hashtag in the Instagram bio.  

Instagram profile of Golden Globes

The top Instagram hashtags to use for entertainment content are:  

#entertainmentnews, #marketing, #podcast, #netflix, #music, #sports, #branding, #trending, #media, #press

Fashion & Beauty  

Did you know that 60% of fashion and beauty brands have already invested in influencer marketing? Needless to say, social media presence is crucial for reaching a more engaged audience and building brand awareness.  

In this tweet, check how a Netherlands-based renowned costume designer and makeup artist uses social media hashtags to get audience traction.  

Leading Instagram hashtags to know for the Fashion & Beauty industry are:  

#beauty, #fashion, #fashionblogger, #beautytips, #fashionblog, #makeuptutorial, #beautyqueen, #inspofashion, #beautybloggers, #beautyblog  


Social media and photography are so interlinked that it is almost impossible to imagine them individually. In other words, you can also say that social media is like a virtual gallery for photographers to display their portfolios and get more work.  

Matt Payne, a US-based photographer, uses latest hashtags for social media to tweet a podcast update for his audience.  

Photographer tweeting a podcast update to keep the audience informed.

Top photography Instagram hashtags are:  

#photography #photooftheday #travelphotography #photoshoot #photographysouls, #canonphotography #throughthelens #photooftheday, #iphonephotography, #photographyaddict 

Banking and Finance 

With the banking sector being digitized rapidly, it is also leaving its mark on social media. Gen Z is actively looking for content based on financial education and opportunities to invest.  

Also, there is a lot of noise around cryptocurrency and the share market. In this example, check how an account related to $Earth uses hashtags for this giveaway post.  

Tweet based on cryptocurrency giveaway.

The top Instagram hashtags for the finance and banking industry are:  

#banking #finance #fintech #currentaffairs #business #money #trading #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #finance

Home Decor  

In 2024, the home decor market is currently doing a revenue of USD 128.70 billion and is going to grow multi-fold in upcoming years. In the online niche, the home decor market is currently growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4%.  

Check how a digital creator in the home decor space uses hashtags to make affordable shopping suggestions.  

Instagram post from a digital creator in the home decor space.

Popular social media hashtags in the Home Decor industry:  

#homedecor #home #architecture #interiordesign #luxuryhomedecor #homedecorlover #affordablehomedecor #interiordesigner #interiordecor #instahome  


In 2023, the global digital health market size was valued at USD 244.34 billion. Post-COVID, the healthcare industry has solidified its presence on social channels and is increasingly sharing content to spread awareness amongst people.  

For example: Health Leaders is a leading healthcare media company that uses relevant hashtags to promote their content on Twitter.  

 Twitter screenshot of a healthcare media company.

Top Instagram hashtags for healthcare:  

#healthcare, #hospital, #doctor, #covid, #healthcareheroes, #healthcareworkers, #healthcareforall, #physician, #universalhealthcare, #womeninhealthcare  


The online education sector is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 57 million learners by 2027. As the market gets more competitive day by day, you can smartly utilise social media hashtags to improve visibility and engagement on your social channels.   

When it comes to e-learning, multiple global organizations are providing free and paid courses. One such reputed name is Coursera.   

Instagram screenshot of Coursera post.

Popular Instagram hashtags in the education segment are:  

#education, #learning, #school, #globaleducation, #elearning, #study, #students, #motivation, #backtoschool, #educationmatters  

Elevate Your Hashtag Game: Check Trend Analysis with Vaizle! 

Noting down all social media hashtags and finding relevant ones for your brand can be an overwhelming task. Even if you manage to cross that bridge, analyzing the performance of all hashtags separately is another issue to tackle.  

Social Media Competitor Analysis Tool by Vaizle comes with an in-built trend analysis feature that lets you analyze hashtag trends for your and competitors’ brands. You can view the engagement trend and find which day of the week gives you the best hashtag impact.

The Vaizle dashboard also lets you compare the performance of different hashtags and find “top-performing posts” for the brand.  

find competitors tops posts on vaizle

Checking hashtag performance with Vaizle is a 3-step easy process.  

Step 1: Log in to your dashboard and select a brand.  

Log in to your vaizle dashboard and select a brand on trend analysis feature.

Step 2: Enter hashtags (or pick from the auto-suggestion feature).  

Enter hashtags (or pick from the auto-suggestion feature).

Step 3: Find the detailed trend analysis on your Vaizle dashboard.  

detailed trend analysis on your Vaizle dashboard.


Social media hashtags are crucial for maximizing visibility and categorizing content to make it more discoverable for your audience. We have listed Instagram hashtags for different industries that will help you rank your content and drive traffic to your business.  

To measure the performance of used hashtags and see which ones are performing well for your competitors, try out the Social Media Competitor Analysis Tool. The Trend Analysis feature by Vaizle lets you analyze hashtag trends, compare the performance of each hashtag, and find top-performing posts.  

Once you’re done with trend analysis, the next step is to find the best time to post on social media for high user engagement. Doing so will ensure that your posts are easily discovered by more people and improve the efficiency of your overall content strategy.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most used hashtag on social media?

Currently, the top 10 most used hashtags on social media are:











Is it better to use popular hashtags?

Popular hashtags have a higher search volume and can help rank your content on social media. However, using such hashtags can also mean that your posts are getting lost in a sea of content. The ideal strategy would be to balance the use of popular and niche-based hashtags.

Is it better to put hashtags in comments or captions?

According to Instagram, using hashtags in comments or captions is likely to offer the same discoverability to your content. Based on your account’s needs, you can decide if you want to add hashtags in comments or captions.

How do you find popular hashtags?

To find popular hashtags on Instagram or other social media platforms, go to the search tag and start typing a general keyword related to your niche. The algorithm will automatically start suggesting popular hashtags to focus on.

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