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Arushi Monga March 4, 2024

What is the difference between Applause, Conversation, and Amplification? 

Applause, Conversation, and Amplification are categories of social media KPIs 12 used to measure success of social media campaigns. 

Essentially, they are different types of engagement: 

Applause is a measure of how many times your brand activity was applauded on social media. It is calculated as a sum of likes (for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and +1s (for Google+). 

Conversation is the measure of how many times someone engaged with your brand activity by commenting on it. Conversation has also one more aspect: how many times did you respond to your own audience? It’s called brand response–the measure of the number of times you responded to the comments and people via your social media channels. 

Amplification is the measure of number of times your brand activity was shared on social media channels by your audience. 

In Vaizle, you can see breakdown of all these three engagement types and even see the top posts sorted by the engagement type. 

What is a ‘Profile’ in Vaizle? 

A profile includes any of the following social media assets: 

  1. A Facebook business page 
  1. An Instagram business page 
  1. A Twitter profile 
  1. A YouTube channel 

When you add a ‘profile’ in Vaizle, it means you add any of these social media assets. 

For example, if you have added a brand’s Facebook and Instagram page, you have used two profiles. Or if you have added Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, you have used four profiles. 

Adding a profile is not equivalent to authentication. Authentication is to ensure that your Vaizle accounts run without errors. 

A profile DOES NOT include: 

  1. A personal Facebook profile 
  1. A personal Instagram profile 

If you try to enter any of these item in Vaizle, it will not work. 

What is a ‘Swap’ and how to make a swap? 

A Swap is when: 

  1. You either replace an already existing brand/profile with another brand/profile, or 
  1. When you delete a social media brand/profile that you may no longer need to analyze with Vaizle. 

That means, if you delete a brand that has, let’s say, 4 social media profiles. It means you have used four swaps because you can now add 4 new social media profiles in its place. You can check the number of ‘Swaps’ left in the ‘Landscape’ section. 

Note: You cannot ‘Delete’ a brand if you have only two brands added. You need at least three to do so. However, you can delete a social media profile if you have two brands with at least two social media profiles. 

Go in the ‘Landscape’ section and click the ‘Delete’ icon adjacent to a brand to delete it. Or the ‘Delete’ icon adjacent to a profile to delete it. 

What do you mean by “Follower Change” in Vaizle? 

Follower Change refers to the number of followers gained or lost by your brand/competitors on a particular social media platform during a specified time period. 

You will start seeing the “follower change” data one day after you added brands/competitors in Vaizle. 

How Groups are different from categories in Vaizle? 

In categories, you can club the data for different brands whereas In groups you can organize different brands for comparison. 

Example on how group works: 

If you create a group for Honda, Fiat , Ford and Audi you will be able to compare Fiat ( self brand) with the other three brands .This feature allow agencies to switch between clients and their competitors efficiently. 

Example on how categories works: 

If you create a category with name amazon worldwide for Amazon india, Amazon USA, and Amazon UK the tool will add all parameters of Amazon india, Amazon USA, and Amazon UK into amazon worldwide. 
Now you can compare this category with Walmart worldwide or any other category you have created. 

This feature allows you to analyze social media data on market category level. 

What is the difference between the most active and the most consistently active brand? 

Both the terms The Most Active Brand and The Most Consistently Active Brand refer to two distinct things. 

The most active brand refers to the brand which shared the most number of posts on the selected social media channels (or all the channels taken together) in a given period of time, 

For instance, in the image below, Toyota USA is the most active brand because it shared 738 posts in the span of six months May 20, 2018 to Nov 16, 2018. 

However, the most consistently active brand refers to the brand which was sharing posts regularly. We have derived this concept from Finance. It is advisable to invest in those companies which have performed consistently well rather than those which had a bout of ups and downs over a long-period of time. Inconsistent activity not only drops your organic reach, it reduces brand recall on social media. 

In the image below, you can see, even though Toyota USA was most active, its activity had many troughs and peaks in the period of six months, sharing 43 posts on a Sep 29. However, Ford Motor Company was consistently active with comparable frequency of 4 posts a day. 

Why is there a difference between “Brand engagement with video filter” and “Video engagement” data? 

Brand Engagement section with video filter calculates engagement by adding likes, shares, and comments. 

Video Engagement section calculates engagement by adding video views, likes, shares and comments. 

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