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Arushi Monga May 17, 2024

How to find the “right” competitors? 

If you’re looking for competitors in a local area, I would suggest you to simply search keywords related to your product/service on Google or Bing. 

  1. List down the names of websites you see in the ads 
  1. Go to ‘Maps’ and you will be able to see competitor websites of businesses along with location 
  1. Check first and second page of search results. It would have names of some of your competitors. 

Why am I unable to authenticate my Instagram profile? 

There are two requirements to authenticate Instagram: 

  1. You need to own an Instagram business account or have access to one, and 
  1. That Instagram business account needs to be associated with a Facebook business page you have access to. 

Instagram is authenticated via your Facebook login. You won’t be able to authenticate Instagram unless you have access to an Instagram business account and it is integrated to a Facebook page. 

Why is the data for “Fans change”/Talking about change” available after 24 hours?

Fans Change and People Talking About Change (which is specific to Facebook) shows how many fans and how many people that talked about you on Facebook respectively changed.  

That is, how many fans were gained or lost in a selected time-period. 

This is only possible if we start tracking the brand’s fans change every single day.  

We start doing this once a profile is added in Vaizle’s database. Vaizle will start tracking the data on “any change” right from the day you put profiles on track in Vaizle. 

How can I change a group for analysis in Vaizle?  

To change the Group you want to analyse, change the Landscape to “Groups” from the Dasboard. 

Then, Select the group that you have created from “Landscape” section. 

Does ‘Brand Engagement’ metric includes video views in engagement for ‘Videos’ filter? 

No. Brand engagement for videos filter does not include video views. 

How to check my active Vaizle plan? 

  1. Go into Settings tab to view your active plan. 
  1. Then click on Active Plan/Upgrade from right-column menu. 

Why am I able to see just 5 brands in a landscape at a time? 

By default, Vaizle shows only five brands. To reveal other brands you’ve added, there are options at the bottom of the brand listing in Landscape. 

You can do that by either increasing items per page or clicking on the arrow to take you to the next page of brand listing. 

 Why is Google+ removed from Vaizle?  

Google shut down the Google+ platform in 2019. Eventually Google+ APIs associated with it were also fully shut down on March 7, 2019. That means, any platform that could fetch data from the Google+ platform wouldn’t be able to do so. 

Will this platform allow us to connect to Facebook Business Ad manager? 

Right now, Vaizle only allows you to check competitive analysis data for your social media profiles. However, Facebook ad analytics is on our product roadmap and has been already voted by many of our users. 

Why the analyses of posts on Vaizle differ from that of FB, for example? 

The difference in metrics is because Facebook doesn’t provide certain engagement types publicly. For instance, number of clicks. 

Let’s say a post had 20 total engagement (5 likes + 2 laughs, 7 comments, 1 share + 5 link clicks). 

If you check that in Facebook, you will see 20 total engagement. In Vaizle, you will see 15 total engagement. Why? Because Facebook doesn’t give link click data of competitor’s profile. You can only get that data for the pages you own. 

Why are you not able to see YouTube data for more than one month? 

YouTube’s policies don’t allow storing historical data for more than one month. That is, all the data we fetch from YouTube is only for the last 30 days. 

How to change the time zone? 

You can change timezone by going into the ‘Settings’ section. 

On the right column menu, click ‘Timezone’. 

Right now, Vaizle provides five different time zones: 

  • UTC -0800 
  • UTC -0500 
  • UTC +0000 
  • UTC +0530 
  • UTC +1100 

You can choose the one you are in or the one you’re closest too. And then click ‘Save’. After the page refreshes, your new graphs and data will be according to the timezone you have just chosen. 

Does Vaizle also show paid ads analytics, like cost per reach, number of conversions, the amount spent etc.? 

Right now, Vaizle does not provide Facebook ad analytics. However, Facebook ad analytics is on our product roadmap and has been already voted by many of our users. 

What happens when we change the timezone? What effect does it have on analysis? 

Vaizle provides all the time zones across the world. When you change a time zone, it impacts and rearranges the data according to the selected time zone. 

For instance, if you changed your account’s time zone from UTC +0000 to UTC +0400, the reference for when a day starts in this time zone changed. 

So a post shared at 10 PM in UTC +0000 time zone becomes a post shared at 2 AM in UTC +0400 because it’s four hours ahead. 

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Arushi Monga

Arushi Monga

Arushi is a proficient SEO and ASO specialist with a 5-year track record working for B2B and B2C organizations. Currently, she is heading SEO strategy for Vaizle and helping businesses improve their online presence. A mountain girl at heart, she likes to recharge her creative abilities by taking long walks and listening to podcasts.

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