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Series 8 | How Vaizle is different from other competitiors?

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Arushi Monga March 4, 2024

How Vaizle is better than Social Bee? 

SocialBee is a social media management that allows you to schedule posts on social media platforms. 

It is not an analytics tool and hence, doesn’t allow you to look at social media analytics. 

Vaizle allows you to keep track of your competitors’ social media activity and engagement data whereas SocialBee allows you to track your competitors’ followers. 

At the same time, Vaizle’s powerful reporting customization allows you to create reports on the fly and save them into templates. 

Unlike SocialBee, Vaizle provides competitive cross-channel analysis giving you a comprehensive overview of your social media performance. 

How is Vaizle different and better from Social Insider? 

  • Social Insider doesn’t provide YouTube analytics. 
  • When it comes to reporting, Social Insider’s reporting customization are not as powerful as Vaizle’s. 
  • Also, if you purchased Social Insider as a Sumoling, you won’t be able to white-label your reports. 
  • Unlike Vaizle, Social Insider does not provide you cross-channel analysis. 

How Vaizle is better than  

Sociality is a social media suite offering publishing, monitoring, competitive analytics, and reporting capability. However, there are limitations on the number of competitors you can manage. 

Here’s what you cannot do with Sociality (but you can with Vaizle): 

  • You cannot look at cross-channel view in Sociality. However, in Vaizle, you can look at the complete social media overview of your brand or client against its competitors with all the social channels’ data combined. 
  • Sociality does not provide customization to your report. With Vaizle, you can even add your account manager’s name and add your comments in report and adjacent to each graph

How Vaizle is better than Viral stat? 

Viral Stat is a competitive social video engagement analytics platform. You can see social engagement but only for video content. 

Vaizle covers all content formats. It allows you to look at photos, text, GIFs, links, and of course, video content and analyze them separately. This enables you to compare video engagement against engagement from other content types. Also, if you want to look at just video engagement, you can see that as well. 

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Arushi Monga

Arushi Monga

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