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Arushi Monga May 17, 2024

How does report builder work?

When you go into ‘Reports’ section in Vaizle, you will see two sections. 

  1. Report preview: It’s in the center of the screen and shows the live preview of the changes you make in the report 
  1. Report builder: On the right, there are options to: 
  • Add logo in the report 
  • Change timeline 
  • Change the brands you want to add in report
  • Add or remove graphs
  • Add notes for graphs and sections
  • Even chose the social media channels for which you want to

I only want to create report for Facebook. How can I do that? 

You can create any social media channel you want. Or even combine only two or three social media channels for a cross-channel report. 

You can select the social media channel(s) you want to create report for from ‘Select Modules’ drop-down. 

How to change logo in a report? 

In the right part of the reporting section, under the ‘Logo’ text, click on the logo image 

Then select the file (logo) you want to replace it with. Your can even set a logo as default by marking the check button in the right section. 

You will be able to see the change right away in the live report preview section. 

How to add comments or notes in a report? 

Adding notes and comments in reports is one of the most coveted feature by agencies. And that’s why we wanted to help agencies add their own views of the report. It also helps clients understand reports better–a win-win situation for all of us. 

You can add notes in your report in two ways: 

  1. On a page: In the second half of every page, there’s lots of white space to add your words 
  1. On a graph: In the grey area adjacent to every graph you can add your own words 

To add notes on a page 

Step 1: Click on the arrow button for a graph page. A menu will appear with text-editor. 

Step 2: Now, in the text-editor, enter your own words. You can see its live preview as well. 

Step 3: The ‘Notes’ section comes with a text-editor so you can also format your notes. 

To add notes with a graph: 

Step 1: Click on the arrow button for a graph page. 

Step 2: Click on the drop-down where you see ‘Notes’ 

Step 3: In the text-editor, enter your notes. You can see its live preview as well. 

How to add or remove a graph in reports? 

After you have selected social media channels and the brands you want to create the report for, select the social media tab or the ‘Cross-channel’ tab at the top corner. In the example above, I have chosen ‘Facebook’ tab. 

Each tick-mark in the list means one page of graphs: 

  • Three graphs for cross-channel section 
  • Four graphs for individual social media channel 

To add or remove a page, simply ‘Check’ or ‘Uncheck’ the box respectively from the list of pages. 

If you want to remove a particular graph from a page, click on the drop-down arrow for a page, and ‘Uncheck’ the box to remove a graph from a page. 

How to change the brands I want in a report? 

Vaizle allows you to perform competitive analysis. So you need at least two brands for the comparison. By default, these two brands are automatically selected. 

The ‘Self’ brand is always automatically selected and cannot to be changed from the reporting section. To change your ‘Self’ brand in the reports, you need to change it in the ‘Landscape’ section 1

To change competitors, click on the ‘Select Brands’ drop-down and choose the brands you want in a report. You can select all the brands by clicking on the ‘Double-check’ icon. 

How can I change timeline in a report? 

In the right-section of ‘Reports’, you will see two date-fields: Start date and End date. 

You can change both the dates as you need. However, you cannot change the ‘Start date’ beyond six months since the days you signed up. 

What are the formats in which a report can be downloaded? 

You can download the reports in PDF format. 

We also understand that people may need reporting in JPG and PPT formats too. So we are exploring our options to add some new report formats. 

How can I duplicate a report in Vaizle? Or can I save a report as a template? 

You can use any report that you’ve created as a template. You can do so by duplicating it. 

To duplicate a report, click on the copy button in the report listing section. See the image below 

Why I am unable to see the thumbnails of the Instagram videos in the reports? 

Vaizle is using the latest Instagram API which is more secure and designed to protect user privacy. 

However, the latest Instagram API does not provide public videos thumbnail URL. So it’s not possible to show the thumbnails of videos 

However, you can add the thumbnails of the top image posts. 

What are (unlimited) industry paid reports? 

At Vaizle, we track thousands of company across the world to publish social media reports. These reports are quarterly and annual social media reports on: 

  • Startups 
  • Specific industries. For instance, for banks across the globe, Fortune100 companies, ecommerce companies in India 
  • World’s major sporting events like Indian Premier League and Super Bowl 

We have made these reports paid. However, for Vaizle users, these reports will be available for free. You can check some of the reports on our website: 

How can I share my report? What are the various options available to share the report? 

You can share report in either of the following ways: 

  1. By downloading the report in PDF format 
  1. Sharing the live link to the report 
  1. Sharing the PDF link directly with client for downloading it. 

You can download the report by clicking on the PDF button in the report listing window and pasting it in the browser. Or by clicking the download button from the report builder window. 

Share report access live link or pdf link with your client or boss

Now you don’t need to download the report in PDF and then share it with the client. You can simply click on a link to copy the URL of the report available on Vaizle server. 

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