How to Perform a Facebook Ads Audit For Free Under 10 Minutes?

How to Perform a Facebook Ads Audit For Free Under 10 Minutes?

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Siddharth Dwivedi January 19, 2020

The first step in making a Facebook Ads account successful is understanding its past performance. In more sophisticated words, you need a Facebook Ads audit.

Doing a Facebook Ads audit is time-consuming and exhaustive. The complexity of doing an audit is also directly proportional to the history and the ad spend of your Facebook ad account. The more the ad spending, the more time you’d need. The more ads you tested, the more thorough you’d need to be.

To solve this, we just launched a free Facebook ads audit tool that you can use to do quick Facebook ads analysis.

A good Facebook Ads audit should take into account quantitative as well as qualitative analysis. Here’s what it should have:

  • Lifetime data: To create benchmarks for performance
  • Past months’ data: To create benchmarks for the most recent performance
  • Breakdown analysis: To understand demographics, user behavior, and month-over-month or week-over-week performance
  • Performance of KPIs: Ad spend, Cost per Acquisition or Lead (as per your requirement), conversion rate, and if you’re an eCommerce business, maybe average order value as well.

Here’s a step-by-step process that will help you do free Facebook ads audit and create quick reports in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Add your Facebook ad account on Vaizle’s free tool.

Click here to visit the Free Facebook ad Analytic tool.

Click on ‘Continue with Facebook’ to access the tool.

vaizle- free facebook ad analytics tool

Click on ‘Add Facebook Account’ and you will be asked for authentication. Continue by authorizing Vaizle to access your FB ad account for audit.

continue by authorizing Vaizle to access your FB ad account for audit

Don’t worry. We neither store nor share your Facebook Ads performance data. You can read Vaizle’s privacy policy for more details.

Step 2: Select an ad account for the audit.

After you’ve authenticated, you will be asked to choose an ad account you want to do an audit.

select a facebook ad account for audit

To select an ad account, click on the check box adjacent to the ad account names. And then click the analyze button, once you have selected an ad account.

Many advertisers try to keep their cold and retargeting ad accounts separate. Some multi-category eCommerce stores also do that. In that case, you can even select multiple ad accounts and compile their data.

Step 3: Check all the graphs and choose appropriate ‘Conversion’

Once your data is fetched you will be able to see the following details:

  • Lifetime analysis of your Facebook ad account
  • Last month’s data

The metrics available in the table:

  • Amount spend
  • Link clicks
  • Cost Per Click
  • Content Views (really valuable if you’re an eCommerce store)
  • Conversions (you can change the conversion event. More on this shortly)
  • Cost per conversion
  • Conversion rate

Here’s what a typical table looks like with lifetime, last month, this month, yesterday, and today’s ad performance data. In this table, the conversion event is Facebook lead forms.

free facebook ad account audit table

By default, the conversion event is ‘Purchase’. However, you can change the ‘Conversion’ event from the dropdown.

change conversion event in the facebook ads audit

This table is followed by a campaign-level analysis of the ad account, where you can choose the time frame and the conversion event.

campaign level audit

The next two sections of the Facebook Ads audit report show you a wise breakdown of the ad performance and conversion overview in terms of a number of conversions for all conversion events you have created in your Facebook ad account, cost per conversion, and conversion rate.

platform wise breakdown
conversion overview

Step 4: Edit or Change Report

While you can look at all the data at your fingertips, you can also download it in a PDF format.

Click on the menu button available in blue to reveal a right-column menu where you have many other options.

Here’s what you can do with this menu:

  • Hide a table or graph
  • Change ad account
  • Go into ‘Editing’ mode
free facebook ads audit tool for editing report

Step 5: Add notes or comments to the report

To add notes or comments to the report, go to Editing mode.

Here, you will find comment boxes under each section of the report. You can write your analysis of the data before downloading. This will make your report more contextual. So if you want to bring a point out distinctly, you can write it down in the comment section.

insert comments in your free Facebook ads audit

But more importantly, you can even change the title of the report or add your name to make the report highly contextual.

change title and account manager's name in the FB audit report

Step 4: Download the audit report

Once you’re sure that your audit looks the way you want it, you can download it now.

Click on Download in the right column and then add your work email ID to download the report.


With Vaizle’s free Facebook Ads audit tool, you can not only perform quick audits and turn into great reports but you can also:

  • Plan your next phase of Facebook Ads plan
  • Create a pitch for your client
  • Get insights from a Facebook ads account
  • Create reports with your comments

So go ahead and start using the free audit tool we designed just for you.

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Siddharth Dwivedi

Siddharth Dwivedi

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