How To Analyze Your Facebook Audience To Measure The Impact Of Changes Made To Your Ad Set?

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Siddharth Dwivedi May 17, 2024

You have been running Facebook ads for some time. Smart move! But are you targeting the right people with your Facebook ads? Is your ad content resonating with your target audience?

Think about it for a second.

No matter whether you are creating ad sets with Facebook ads or just want to market your brand organically through posting – understanding your audience is key to unlocking a wealth of information. These insights help you know customers better, grow your audience and know what type of content aligns with them best. This is where Facebook audience analysis comes in.

81% of businesses around the world prefer to use Facebook for their marketing efforts.

With Facebook marketing becoming more and more personal and customized, so is the importance of finding the right audience. Frankly, without audience analysis, the chances of devising a successful Facebook ad campaign are next to impossible. 

Facebook audience analysis or Facebook audience insights gives online marketers the power to optimize their ad sets based on location, gender, age, and more and set up better campaign structure.

The results?

It generates more engagement, improves brand perception, increases sales, and ultimately brings you much better ROI.

Analyzing and understanding your target audience helps you get a closer look at them, dig deep beyond their age and gender and know who they are, where they live, and what creatives motivate them to take action. Based on these in-depth audience insights, you can optimize your ad sets, modify them on certain instructions and make changes in the ad level – targeting ultra-specific Facebook audiences.

Once you modify your ad set based on audience analysis – using Vaizle’s Ad Analysis Journal – you can track why you made the changes in a particular ad set and what findings drove you to make these changes. This feature is extremely useful for future references – and gives you a complete picture of “what” you did and “why” you did it!

If you are ready to know A-Z of Facebook audience analysis and how Facebook ad audience insights can help you create better campaigns – jump on our bandwagon and keep reading.

What is Audience Analysis?

Before we get into the worthiness of audience analytics on Facebook, first, we must understand what Facebook audience analysis is.- from the perspective of Ad Sets. 

Facebook audience analysis (on Ad sets) helps you conduct a comprehensive investigation on your target audience’s gender, demographic area, country, region, and platform – all those information that will assist you in understanding your customer and their activities better – and in turn, you make changes and modifications in your ad sets for making your campaign successful.

Knowing them will help you curate meaningful content that resonates with them.

buyer persona

Now The Question Stands: What Is The Importance Of Facebook Ad Set Analysis?

Before creating your ad sets, you must know that each ad set has a different target audience. And knowing these target audiences is the first step to creating ads that speak to them directly. 

Having said that, there are a lot of audience metrics that go into optimizing an ad set. And if you’re not sure about your audiences, you will miss targeting them with your ads at the ad level. 

Facebook audience analysis will help you find in-depth insights on:

Buyers’ Persona: As already mentioned, each ad set has a different target audience, and therefore, the buyer’s persona is also different for each set. The buyer’s persona is a fictitious character of a target audience – and this persona helps write and create better creatives (ads) that appeal specifically to this persona.

Without proper Facebook audience analysis, you won’t be able to bring that persona to life with precise details and information.

Behavior: With audience analysis of Facebook, you will be able to understand the behavior of your target audience – why they are taking specific actions on certain ads of an ad set and why not on the other ads – of the same set.

Interests: To create a robust buyer persona, learning about the interests of your Facebook target audience is essential – and audience analysis will help you uncover this data which will help you optimize your ad sets based on their interest.

Demographics: Audience analysis of demographics gives you information on your audience’s geographic location, education, income level, and more. These findings will be truly helpful while optimizing your ad sets.

Gender: Knowing the prevalent gender of your target audience through Facebook audience analysis is another crucial piece of information for optimizing and making modifications to your ad sets- and without this information, targeting or retargeting the right audience is impossible.

To scale a Facebook ad set effectively, you know your audience in and out. This will help you understand why your audience responds to one ad better than the other – in the same ad set. Accordingly, modify your ad sets with Vaizle Ad Set Analysis and use our Ad Journal to track what changes are being made and the reason for the changes.

Understanding Ad Sets on The Basis Of Facebook Audience Analysis 

To measure your ad set effectively, you must know which ad set in a particular campaign is performing better and which is not. And to find the answer to this, you have to look into different metrics that make an ad set successful. Metrics like Ad Spend, Reach, Impressions, Comments, Shares, Engagement, Ad Spend, Reactions, and Link Clicks (to name a few) implies the success of an ad set. Going through this data from an ad set journal on Vaizle’s analytics tool will help you visualize and understand this data. 

Find out if one ad in your ad set is getting better results compared to the others. Is the CPR of one ad better than the other? What is the CPC for each ad?

Dig deep to find out the data of different ads in a particular ad set – and then modify and optimize the high-performing ads accordingly.

Bonus: If you’re paying more per result for an ad set that has more results, it is important to keep the other low-paying ad sets running as well.    

To scale (horizontally or vertically) these campaigns effectively, you must know which adset Facebook ads in a particular campaign are performing better for your brand – obviously by measuring it. Vaizle’s Ad Set Analysis will provide you with in-depth insights into your ad sets, on the basis of which you can make changes to your Facebook Ad Sets. 

Ad set insights

Once you scale the Ad Sets on the basis of Adspent, reach, impressions, comments, cpc, cpm – and make the improvements in these metrics, Vaizle’s Ad Set Analysis tool will help you track the results of these changes in less than 24 hours – from one single dashboard.  This will help you know whether the changes in your ad sets are actually fruitful and give you the results – you’ve been hoping for.

Ad set performance

But before making any changes in your Ad sets it is crucial for you to note the reason for the changes – and keep the notes attached to that particular ad set – in which you are making the changes.  Vaizle’s Ad Set Journal is a wonderful tool that can help you with this perfectly. 

Ad set notes

As the name suggests, you can journal your changes (and the reasons for doing it) and keep it attached to the particular ad set. This will be very helpful for future references and tracking why you made the changes – and the results following the changes.

How Are Facebook Ad Audience Insights Effective For Your Campaigns?

Once you’ve your Facebook audience analysis data handy from Vaizle’s ad set analysis, make changes in your ad sets on different campaigns to target your audience better. After making the changes in the ad sets (depending on the data of your Facebook ad audience insights) – compare its performance against the previous ad set – based on the last 7 days’ data.

Conditional to the insights, edit and re-edit different elements of your Facebook campaign Ad Sets and replace the old version with the new version. When you compare the changes, you will realize that one image change (for instance) can help you achieve more results (like link clicks and cost per result) for the least amount of money spent. 

Then make the required edits and update the ad set to a more successful Facebook campaign.

 That’s A Wrap

Now that you know all about Facebook audience analysis and how you can use it to make changes in your ad sets and make it more effective – the next step is to get into action. Remember the competition is cutthroat and to get the best results from your Facebook ad campaigns, you must never stop experimenting. Also it takes patience, time and effort to make the best of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Discover how Vaizle Facebook Ad Analytics can help you develop Facebook ads with specific goals.

Hope you find this answer helpful! Thanks for reading!

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