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Arushi Monga May 17, 2024

Managing your social media handle may be hard sometimes with all your other work. All businesses, large and small, now make significant investments in social media marketing. So much social media ad spending increased by about 50% in the third quarter of 2020 despite the global pandemic and is anticipated to grow much more in the following years.

It’s important to follow a proper strategy if you’re aiming for greater results for your brand. Given how crucial social media is right now, having a –

  • Daily social media checklist
  • Weekly social media checklist
  • Monthly social media checklist

– is quite useful for checking off all the steps that go into a successful social media marketing campaign.

Daily Social Media Marketing Checklist

Reply to your messages

Go through your inbox messages to start your social media strategy checklist. Here, it will be essential to respond in both number and quality. Sending a canned answer or message isn’t always appropriate. Recognize the user’s query and provide the most appropriate and satisfying response.

Monitor Your Mentions

The next step in your social media marketing checklist is to look over the day’s brand mentions and respond properly to each one. At the end of each day, look at all mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Reshare every Instagram remark on your story, retweet a couple of tweets, and respond to every Facebook comment, both good and bad. To make it simpler for you to keep track of mentions, enable push notifications.

Observe Your Competitors

It’s great to keep fixated on your social media efforts. But we must constantly monitor our competitors. We can do a competitor audit and learn from what they do that is effective and makes them successful. Consider your followers when you post content to engage them. Always focus on the audience’s wants rather than what your business can provide. Find more clever methods to compete on social media by keeping an eye on what your rivals are doing.

Post Regularly

Posting regular content should be one of the many important tasks on your social media daily checklist. But posting the right post at the right time is more important.  

Target Keywords

You may accomplish the crucial task of tracking keywords across all social media platforms. Not knowing what’s happening in your niche can help you avoid important topics and conversations you might want to join. You can use Vaizle to know what kind of keywords have been used in the industry, are those keywords getting engagement, and likewise.

Connect with at least one influencer everyday

Social media marketing’s most significant difficulty is creating a strong community. Aim to connect with at least one influential startup, influencer, or another relevant individual in your niche for this. Even if you don’t immediately interact with them, you create a solid network by making one daily connection. As a result, connecting with your community should be one of your daily social media strategy checklists.

Weekly Social Media Marketing Checklist

Check your Stats

Daily data monitoring is something some individuals love, which is great. But, this could skew your judgment. It is preferable to examine it once a week. Daily content creation and audience engagement may be your focus; once the workweek is done, sit back and conduct an evaluation.

When deciding which analytics or data to examine, you should know about the key KPIs to track as there are numerous alternatives available:

  • The usual degree of interaction with your content.
  • Any sponsored advertisement results.
  • What was the least popular and most appealing piece of material you produced that week?
  • Your usual response time on social networking.
  • Content pieces created by your company.

Engage with Industry Influencers

The majority of the everyday tasks are audience-focused. The weekly social media strategy checklist, however, encourages you to contact others, not in your immediate network, particularly those who can benefit your company or assist you in entering underserved neighborhoods.

Encourage employee involvement

Employing involvement is one aspect of a successful social media strategy. By sharing and reposting material, coworkers may easily become brand ambassadors for the company. Some of your coworkers already practice this, while others need effort and encouragement.

Perhaps some folks require some coaching and support. Try to make the project more game-like; social media competitions might produce great results with the great social media checklist. You could triple your following for the price of a few prize cookies!

Create a Social Media Plan for Your Posts

Maintaining consistency when planning your weekly publishing schedule is a good idea. Create a publishing schedule that offers the most opportunity for involvement. This can include being quite active at certain times of the day. Use a social media calendar tool such as Vaizle to identify the weekends or days of the week that are most profitable for your business and brand.

Monthly Social Media Marketing Checklist

Plan Your Monthly Theme

Create your social media plan material according to the social media marketing checklist for the upcoming few weeks should be done as a new month approaches. You can come up with longer-term strategies through planning. Examine and make necessary changes to the editing schedule for the following week. Consider the precise messages you want to convey and concentrate on approaching hashtags, events, and holidays. As a result, this will help your staff to stay organized and produce content throughout the month.

Monthly-Brainstorming With Your Team

The first significant step is to create an overview of the monthly themes and campaigns you want to conduct. But continuing to produce amazing, intriguing material is challenging.

One suggestion is getting coworkers together to discuss fresh ideas and develop original material for the month. Add this to your monthly social media daily checklist to huddle up once a month and discuss the team’s performance. Discuss your ideas and discover if anybody is experiencing a creative or an obstacle. Create a social media plan for the upcoming month while helping one another!

Conduct a Social Media Audit

Every month, compile all the statistics from your social media management system. From a summary perspective, begin your review. Top-level measures will allow you to compare one month to the next. They also point up areas that want more research.

As a marketing team, choose the key performance indicators (KPIs) crucial for gauging value and success. Every month, keep track of those KPIs. At the end of each month, take some time to review your social media profiles and followers. Keep an eye out for trends and research your audience thoroughly. You can also use a free social media audit tool for this purpose to save time and get insights easily.

Join Social Media Events

Create a schedule of the social media events that will happen this month, paying specific attention to those relevant to your sector and the influencers you follow. Include these occasions in your checklist for social media marketing. Commit to attending the activities. Participate and give back. Your chance of meeting new individuals will grow, and it may even result in new marketing chances.


Because of how busy everyone’s schedules are in marketing teams, it’s common for people to overlook tasks. This is why it’s crucial to use a social media checklist to keep track of everything. According to their importance, frequency, and connection to project objectives, we divided the jobs on the checklist into daily, weekly, and monthly chores to make things simpler for us. 

Utilize them to ease your tension while also boosting your company’s visibility. Using a social media analytics tool like Vaizle to identify the greatest insights and the ideal times to post daily, weekly, and monthly might make your job easier.

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