Ace Your Social Media Game With Top 6 Instagram Trends in 2024!

Instagram Trends 2024: Keeping an Eye Out

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Himanshu Chaturvedi December 26, 2023

Instagram trends are often the talk of the town (or even the world!) these days! No matter if it’s an audio clip, outfit pattern, or a social challenge, people are likely to copy what they see on social media platforms

While these trends on Instagram seem fun for the audience, they can be pretty overwhelming for marketers and social media managers. Keeping up with new ideas and implementing these ideas can eventually turn out to be quite hectic. 

To make your job a bit easier, we’re here to discuss the latest Instagram trends of 2024 and how they can benefit your organic social media growth.

What are Instagram Trends? 

Instagram trends are popular references and content ideas that are going viral at any given point in time. Gradually, these trends turn irrelevant, and new topics replace them to gain popularity. 

Depending on the niche you’re active in, the kind of Instagram trends will vary accordingly. 

To get higher engagement in the upcoming year, you can create content around Instagram trends and use relevant hashtags or IG audio. When the content is rightly tagged, more people are likely to find it. 

Boost Business Growth With Instagram Trends – Here’s How! 

In the dynamic world of digital media, new Instagram trends keep emerging every moment! And to stay relevant as a marketer and a step ahead of your competitors, you need to be aware of all these developments. 

If you continue to create outdated content, it becomes less favorable for new users and generates low engagement. That’s why it is of utmost importance to research new trends regularly. 

Once you’re done with research, the next step is to check what other brands in your industry are doing. Check which particular IG trend is getting more engagement and which one is not performing well. 

Once you’re done with competitor research, you can go ahead and work on your brand strategy. 

Top Instagram Trends You Must Try!

Most Instagram trends come and go! What’s viral today might completely tank tomorrow.

To make things a bit easier — here are 6 Instagram trends that are not extremely time-sensitive and are likely to perform well throughout 2024. 

Partner With Micro-Influencers 

The combined power of two audiences is better than one! As a brand, you’re more likely to gain mass visibility by collaborating with micro and nano influencers. 

Sure, you could go for celebrities and popular figures with more than 1M+ followers but their engagement rate isn’t what you’d imagine. On the other hand, micro-influencers (1-10,000 followers) boast the highest engagement rate of nearly 2.53%

Look for content creators in your niche and partner with them to advertise products or services. You can do that by making a collab post, where the content shows up on both profiles. To read more about the same, check out How To Use Instagram Collab Posts in Social Media Strategy.

Humor for the Win! 

Usually, we consider aesthetic visuals to be the winning strategy for Instagram. While that is true, people are now also increasingly interested in the latest Instagram trends related to memes. 

At any given point in time, you will find several meme trends on Instagram gaining global popularity. It is up to you how well you incorporate those references into your content strategy and promote your profile. 

For example: Remember the Barbie hype? Now, have a look at this post by KissFlow, a low-code platform, where they use pop culture references. 

Rise With DM Marketing 

Did you know that more than 150 million people are conversing with business accounts on Instagram DMs every month? Needless to say, the potential for sales and customer acquisition is huge with DM marketing. 

Users prefer to reach out to brands in DMs for various reasons: customer support, product queries, post appreciation, and so on. Making the best use of this opportunity, you can make the customer feel valued and build a lasting connection with them. 

Create an Authentic Brand Voice 

While seeking inspiration from competitors is appreciated, your brand needs its authentic brand voice. People love to know about the brand values and are more likely to make a purchase when they can relate with you! 

Let the audience know you better and keep creating content that highlights your overall brand persona.

Here, it is also crucial to note that you’re not borrowing any direct ideas from other creators in the niche. If so, the audience will eventually associate your brand name with the competitor and is more likely to forget you. 

Regularly Engage With the Audience

The point of social media presence is not a one-way conversation. As a marketer, your goal should be to talk to people and not to talk to them! 

Constantly, check your messages and comments to see what your potential consumers are saying. Sort out their queries to gain their trust, which in turn will help you get better feedback from the consumers. 

Based on the feedback received, you can gradually start posting user-generated content to help new followers get real insights. 

For example: have a look at Canva engaging with the audience by being active in the comment box. 

Use the Reels Visual Replies

Instagram keeps launching new features and most of them can benefit you in one way or another. One such feature is reel visual replies, where you can use a comment as a sticker and reply with a reel. 

This is a great way to sort out general queries, explain new product features, and create interesting content out of comments. 

For reference: check out this post where @jasminestar explains the process of replying with reels.

To further know more about other Instagram’s latest features, give New Instagram Features and Ways to Use Them a read. 

Track the Performance of Instagram Trends With Vaizle

Trending content performs better! But you don’t have to take our word for it. Once you start creating relevant content for your content, you can track its performance using the Vaizle Instagram Page Analysis free tool. 

Here, you can get the latest page overview and see if the key metrics like brand activity, engagement, reach, and profile views, are increasing or decreasing. Additionally, you can also check day-wise, content-type, and demographic analysis. 

Now, to see how your fellow creators are doing, try out the Vaizle Instagram Competitive Analysis tool. Here, you can get all the information not only for your account but also for competitors. Here are some of the metrics you can check: 

  • Brand’s most active day
  • Last month’s most active days
  • Daily brand activity 
  • Top performing posts 
  • Weekly engagement rate 

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