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Arushi Monga May 17, 2024

— An effective framework for easy scaling. 

Every agency dreams of reaching new heights – that’s scaling. 

Whether you’re just starting or already flying high, scaling is the way forward.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every agency is unique in size, goals, and audience. 

In this blog, you will get some common tips and tools that can be your roadmap to scaling a marketing agency with ease.

Here are 4 simple yet effective measures you can start with:

Client Acquisition:

For any agency, the first tip for scaling is getting more clients.

However, meeting different client needs is tough. Converting them into customers is even tougher. Think about it – out of 100 people you try to sell to, only around 10 might actually convert.

According to our recent founders and marketers survey, 37.07% of the agencies see rising customer acquisition costs as their biggest growth hurdle.

The good news? There are solutions.

Increase the Number of Pitches:

The good news? There are solutions.

Think about scaling like this: more sweat, more clients.

Generating more clients involves casting more pitches. One nifty approach is speedy yet potent audits.

Your marketing agency can increase the number of pitches through quick but effective audits.

But, auditing an account on time is a task in itself.

However, there are different tools such as Vaizle, Loomly, and HubSpot. As a result, they will help you identify growth opportunities and refine your pitch strategy in no time. 

The live dashboard feature from Vaizle offers comprehensive Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ad analytics.

With just a few clicks, you can access data on Adspend, Link clicks, CPC, CPA, AoV, and more—available daily, weekly, and monthly.

Competitive Analysis:

In addition to increasing pitch numbers, meet clients’ true desires – and provide valuable insights into competitor strategies. Clients always appreciate the extra effort!

However, the challenge lies in swiftly and accurately gathering this information. 

How to do it?

Imagine Mr. X, with only a few hours to compile, compare competitor data, and provide actionable insights. Here’s his approach:

Option 1: Analyse the data manually can take a little time taking might lead to errors.


Option 2: Use tools like Vaizle or Locobuzz!

Locobuzz can provide competitive benchmarking data, image recognition, and NPS analysis.

Vaizle, on the other hand, can help in fetching competitors’ data.

It can offer insights into daily profile visits, brand activity, engagement, follower count, etc. It can compare your brand activity, brand engagement, engagement rate, follower growth, top posts, and more with your competitors. It will help you to stay ahead of the competition. 

But wait, there’s more!

Through Vaizle he can also dive into lead generation & get actionable insights. It can refer to factors like ad spend, reach, impressions, reactions & much more.

Strong Final Pitch


Now that you have a strong pitch ready with error-free audits and competitive analysis.

Combine them to prepare your final deck.

You will surely gain an invaluable advantage over your fellow competitors

All you have to do is present your pitch with confidence.

and with the right insights and benchmarks, you can surely improve your conversion rate.

Client Servicing:

In the dynamic service industry, the first big achievement is getting clients.

But, the real challenge comes in the complex world of managing those clients.

83% of customers cited good customer service as their most important criterion for deciding what to buy.

A single misstep has the potential to unravel your client base and cast a shadow on your hard-earned reputation.

Striving for flawless service is the goal, but let’s acknowledge that we’re human, not machines.

Only a powerful approach can fix this problem.

Targeted In-house meeting:

It involves staging targeted in-house meetings within your marketing agency, spotlighting each client individually.

However, analyzing all client data at once can challenge even the most seasoned managers.

This problem can be tackled by tools like Vaizle or Emplifi. 

Emplifi makes it easy to analyze multi-channel campaigns in real time, track KPIs, and compare time periods, all within a sleek interface.

On the other hand, you can also use Vaizle in your internal & external meetings.

Vaizle provides the feature of creating live dashboards for all your accounts. Through this feature, you can access different metrics like ad spends, reach, reactions, CPM, CPC, comments, and more on a single dashboard. 

Managers can access all the data at once and provide their valuable insights by accessing all the information of different platforms all at once. 

Moreover, it also provides the feature of connectors through which they can connect their Google Sheets and make the process automated saving your time. 

Through the right automation and internal meetings, client servicing can be improved for scaling the agency.

Team Training:

Turning a marketing agency into a success story isn’t a one-person job. It takes a united team, late nights, and more.

According to the Marketers and Founders Survey, 2023 73.33% of agencies consider team training sessions to update their team on a daily basis. 

However, mere existing teammates may not handle the burden. New team members are also required. 

But without a clear training program, bringing in new team members can be tough.

When you’re bringing in new team members, remember these tips to make the onboarding training smoother and faster

Follow Standard Procedures (SOPs):

For efficient task management, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the secret ingredients.

They’re not just for the experienced, new team members can hit the ground running by leveraging tried-and-tested methods.

Managers and Team leaders can create these SOPs, turning complex processes into well-oiled, smooth operations.

So, whether there is an expert or a newbie on the block, SOPs can help them with smart and fast work.

Give Actionable Insights: 

Dealing with heaps of data every day can be tough, especially for beginners. It’s like solving a tricky puzzle to find the real gems of information.

Think about having instant access to insights that are ready to use. These insights are like helpful signs that show you the way to get accurate results and make smart choices based on data.

Discover the magic of tools like Inconosquare, Vaizle, and Loomly – your key to unlocking valuable insights from your social media efforts.

Inconosquare lets you analyze all your social media accounts at once. Its live dashboard gives you quick info on followers, engagement, and more.

However, you can dig deeper with Vaizle – it’s an all-in-one tool for social media, competitor, and ad insights.

Collecting data is important, but turning it into useful insights is even cooler. These tools save time and help newbies understand data better. 

And, eventually, these tools can reduce the learning curve of newcomers.

Client Retention:

Keeping the old clients is much better than chasing the new ones.

82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition.

However, on an average agencies tend to retain clients for a year or two. But there are a few reasons clients might say, “You’re fired!

  • Making blunders mistakes
  • Not meeting expectations
  • Delay in response time

How do we outwit and avoid these bullets?

Keep Checks and Balances

Implement a structured review process to catch any slip-ups before they hit clients’ desks.

Managers and Team leaders should develop a systematic process of keeping a review on their team. 

It can be a challenging task for them because keeping a check on different accounts every single day is not easy. 

However, they can use different tools such as Quintly or Vaizle

Suppose you want to know how your team is performing on its social media accounts. 

Here, you can use Quintly to access all account information in one place using different metrics like Total interactions, Follower change rate, organic impressions, and more. 

Stay Proactive

Being proactive and solving problems is a key component of marketing. It would be great if we could fix things before clients even notice them!

Vaizle’s “Projections” feature is useful and unique. It’s not just about numbers – it’s about seeing trends and hitting goals.

Effective performance tracking aligns achievements with targets.

This feature empowers managers and leaders to identify shortcomings and guide teams towards enhancement. 

These tools also foster enduring client relationships, transcending marketing to cultivate lasting partnerships.


Scaling a marketing agency is the ultimate quest, but each agency’s journey is unique. While paths may differ, there are universal principles to supercharge expansion. At the core: client acquisition, client servicing, team training, and client retention.

Tools like Vaizle, Emplifi, Iconosquare, and others can help you incorporate these principles effectively. These allies pave the way for agencies to conquer challenges and embrace growth. Remember, scaling isn’t a one-size-fits-all game; it’s a symphony of strategies tailored to your agency’s tune.”

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Arushi Monga

Arushi Monga

Arushi is a proficient SEO and ASO specialist with a 5-year track record working for B2B and B2C organizations. Currently, she is heading SEO strategy for Vaizle and helping businesses improve their online presence. A mountain girl at heart, she likes to recharge her creative abilities by taking long walks and listening to podcasts.

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