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10 Free Twitter Analytics Tools To Perform A Quick Twitter Audit

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Siddharth Dwivedi September 19, 2018

It is well known that Twitter is demanding. The sheer volume of tweets may cause brands to reduce their frequency of tweeting. 

Nonetheless, brands and even customers have taken to Twitter for communication. It has emerged as the right hand for customer service and plays a crucial part in brand imaging and influencer marketing.

There is no need to fear it. A well-planned Twitter strategy and marketing approach can help you gain attention. However, to do that, you must examine analytics and determine what is and is not beneficial to your company. The majority of marketers use a Twitter analytics tool to create this sound strategy.

Luckily, there are free Twitter analysis tools with which you can perform Twitter audits in just a few minutes.

Doing regular social media audits and tweaking your social media marketing strategy persistently will help your brand to shine among the competition.

If you are goal is to promote your brand then you can use Twitter. It is one platform that still has a decent organic reach.  Don’t you believe me? 

Well, I got 100 users on my website from my Twitter posts alone last weekend. Not just traffic, Twitter also works when you want to reach out to new demographics and Twitter influencers.

To make an efficient, Twitter marketing strategy, you need to understand what works for you and what works for your competitors.

Here are some free Twitter Analytics Tools that will help you along the way.

1. Twitter Audit

10 best free twitter analysis tool

The Twitter audit is probably the simplest Free Twitter Analysis Tool. To use this free tool now, just enter the username of the Twitter account you want to audit and click on “Get Analysis”.

This tool allows you to know how many followers of yours are fake and how many of them are real. It will also tell you if the account you are auditing is real or fake. With its paid plan, you can block these fake followers.

However, this tool will not give provide any graphical data or competitive audit. The best part of the Twitter audit is that it identifies a fake profile just like that!

2. Agorapulse’s Twitter Analytics Tool

10 best free twitter analytics tool

Agora pulse’s free Twitter tool is more suited if you are looking for an account overview.  This Twitter tool will give you the total Twitter activity and engagement of the last 30 days.

You will not get a graphical analysis of your account. Instead, it will provide you with a report card for you and your competitor. It will also convey the total number of followers and their quality. But there is a limitation, you can only perform 5 data refreshes for an account with this Twitter Analytics tool free.

3. Socialert

top 10 free twitter analysis tool

With Socialert , you can track twitter hashtag or any Twitter account over the period of 7 days or up to 500 tweets with this free Twitter Analytics Tool. All you need to do is to enter the hashtag or @mentions or keyword or username of the account you want to audit and press enter.

It will give you:

  • The total number of tweets, total impressions, and total reach.
  • Tweets mentioning your twitter handle recently.

But there is no option to compare your data with your competitor’s data. This tool is an ideal option when you are looking to audit your own account.

4. Keyhole

Any Twitterati knows that just analyzing tweet performance is not enough. You need to do the dirty work of finding trends, crafting the tweet, sharing it, replying to comments, and analyzing it without losing your sanity first. 

Keyhole is your savior in that case. This Twitter analytics tool lets you track and monitor trends so you know if it’s even worth tweeting about it. Next, you can schedule your line of tweets and share them at times when your followers are most active. 

Once that’s done, you can employ its listening feature to see who’s commenting and what’s on your tweets with sentiment analysis. You can apply the same strategy and see what your competitors are up to by tracking their branded hashtags and keywords.

Lastly, Keyhole also lets you generate custom reports in one click, making them shareable with your team, clients, or stakeholders at any time. This is seriously a must-try! 

5. Twitter Analytics

top 10 free twitter analytics tool

Nothing is better than Twitter’s native analytics platform. And it is the original Twitter Analytics Tool. 

But Twitter Analytics will not allow you to perform a competitive analysis. However, you cannot get data for someone else’s profile. But it will give you all the parameters you need to audit your own account.

To use this tool, click on the profile icon of your Twitter account and then go to analytics. With the best Twitter analytics tool, you can get total followers, total impressions, profile visits and mentions. It will also help you identify your top tweet, top media tweet, and top mention. Learn more about twitter’s native analytics platform

Historical data from the creation of your account is available.

6. Social Bearing

twitter analysis tool free

A tool specifically designed for Twitter allows you to monitor tweets around certain topics, quickly analyze a Twitter profile, find friends or followers of a Twitter handle, and find popular Twitter hashtags in a geographical location.

For me, it’s one of the best free Twitter Analytics tools out there. As you can get a complete overview of a Twitter account in less than 10 seconds. Yes! Less than 10 seconds!

On its home page, go to “Handle” tab and enter a Twitter username and within a few seconds you will be served with all the key information. This includes:

  • Total tweets, reach, and impressions
  • Engagement as total retweets, favorites and replies
  • Domains shared in tweets
  • Hashtag cloud and word cloud

7. Follower Audit

twitter analytics tool free

Many times I have audited INC500 companies’ social media platforms and the first step that I follow is to identify what percentage of their followers are fake

Many times I have audited INC500 companies’ social media and the first step that I follow is to identify what percentage of their followers are fake

Follower Audit does exactly for you on Twitter.

All you have to do is add a Twitter account to this Twitter analytics tool free and it will go through your follower list and tell you how many and what percentage of your followers are fake.

This Twitter report is also accompanied by a followers quality graph which depicts how the quality of Twitter followers changed over a period of time. This info is followed by:

  • Followers inactive for more than 1 year
  • Followers with less than 5 tweets
  • Followers with fewer than 5 followers
  • Followers with default profile image
  • Followers with no bios

8. Hashtagify

free twitter tool

While all the other Twitter analytics tools I mentioned till now allowed you to analyze a Twitter account’s performance, on the other hand, Hashtagify’s free Twitter analytics tool allows you to study the performance of a hashtag.

This becomes invaluable when you’re trying to study a hashtag campaign you ran recently.

You just have to enter the hashtag that you want to track and within a few seconds, all the data is served to you. This includes:

  • Overall popularity, recent popularity, month trend, and week trend
  • Related hashtags in a hashtag cloud
  • The popular trend in a timeline graph in the last two months
  • Language and world where its popularity

9. Twitonomy

This tool is available in both a free edition and a paid, upgraded version. Simply sign in with your Twitter account to get started.

A Twitter user can utilize Twitonomy to find out more about their tweets and which ones are retweeted. It keeps track of responses, and mentions, and provides data on hashtag popularity.

Learn more about the Twitter users who are someone’s followers and the users who are being followed using the browse, search, and filter capabilities. One may record and save tweets, mentions, and retweets using a handy export feature. For convenient offline use or for import into other analytical tools, the backup option generates an excel or pdf file.

The user-friendly layout of Twitonomy makes it simple to keep track of Twitter activities. With this feature, you can easily monitor Tweets from your favorite users, your favorite lists trending hashtags, and keywords that are important to you.

Twitonomy Twitter analysis tool lets you search for the following metrics best Twitter analytics:

  • Popular Tweets
  • Most Retweeted
  • @users
  • URLs
  • Keywords
  • #hashtags

10. Followerwonk

Twitter users can utilise Followerwonk to analyse their activity on the platform and determine how to get more exposure. It has both free and paid versions. Twitter Analytics tool’s free version will give you access to just one profile. You can upgrade to paid versions to access more profiles.

With the aid of Followerwonk, the best Twitter analytics tool, users may gain insight into the analytics of their followers to discover their locations and the topics they find most fascinating.

Followerwonk assists in analysing the following:

  • Find people to connect with, who have similar interests, by searching the bios of Twitter users.
  • Find the most popular Twitter postings by organising Twitter accounts.
  • Followers may be tracked based on their geographical location, bios, and the people they follow.
  • Compare the dynamics between the competitors.
  • Accurately follow and unfollow other people.
  • Get the attention of the influencers by following them.
  • Utilize the visual social graphs to see Twitter’s influence in its entirety.


It’s easy for Twitter users to track their analytics to see what impact their Twitter postings are having on a global scale using some of the best free, Twitter analytics reports and tools out there.

Twitter users can use these tools to determine their reach, number of followers, location, and overall impact of their tweets.

There must be more free Twitter analysis tools. Do you know any?

Also, there must be one tool that you like the most. Please let me know in the comments.

If you are looking for a free Facebook analytics tool, click here!

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