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Spotify statistics for Quarter 2 (2023): User, Subscriber, Revenue & other Statistics

Arushi Monga
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Arushi Monga

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The landscape of music consumption has been significantly transformed over the past two decades, largely thanks to streaming platforms like Spotify. Founded in 2006, this digital music service has reshaped how we discover, listen to, and share music. With over 365 million active users as of mid-2021, Spotify has become an integral part of the daily lives of music lovers worldwide. But what lies behind the playlists, the curated suggestions, and the artist radio stations? The answer: data and statistics.

The world of Spotify is rich with fascinating numbers and insights that can help us understand its meteoric rise and shed light on trends in music consumption, user behavior, and even cultural shifts. Spotify’s statistics offer a treasure trove of data to be mined from the most-streamed genres to the listening habits that vary from country to country. And this isn’t just data for data’s sake. These numbers can help artists better connect with their audience, advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns, and even listeners to get more out of their personalized experience.

This blog will delve into the world of Spotify statistics for the second quarter of 2023. Whether you’re an artist trying to understand your Spotify for Artists dashboard, a marketer looking to tap into Spotify’s extensive user base, or simply a music enthusiast interested in the mechanics behind your daily mix, there’s something here for you.

So grab your headphones, hit ‘play’ on your favorite playlist, and dive into the riveting universe of Spotify statistics, including the data for the 2nd quarter of 2023. 

Key Highlights of Spotify Statistics 

  1. MAU grew 27% year on year. Right now, Spotify has 551 million monthly active users.
  2. Premium subscribers of Spotify grew 17% Y/Y to 220 million users till quarter 2 of 2023.

3. Total revenue grew by 11% from the last quarter report.

4. AI has been introduced for premium users in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

5. A new podcast with Trevor Noah has been launched, which is expected to come this year.

6. Spotify Ad Analytics has also announced this quarter that the advertiser will promote their services from audio advertising. 

7. Spotify is the world’s leading audio streaming service, with 551 million users and 220 million premium subscribers across 184 regions.

8. With 551 million users and 220 million premium subscribers across 184 regions, Spotify is the world’s leading audio streaming service.

Spotify Statistics Infographics

Spotify Statistics

Source – Spotify Statistics

Spotify major updates in a quick pointers report –

9. How many songs are there on Spotify? 

Spotify has over 100 million songs on its platform as of 2023. 

10.How many users does Spotify have?

As per the Q2 report of 2023, Spotify has 551 million monthly active listeners, of which 220 million users are premium subscribers. 

11. Who is the number 1 artist on Spotify or most streamed artist in 2023?

As of September 2023, English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is the most-followed artist on Spotify, while female American singer-songwriter Ariana Grande is the most-followed artist. (source: Wikipedia)

12. How many monthly listeners on Spotify in the 2023 2nd Quarter?

As of Sept 2023, the total number of monthly active users (MAU) increased to 551M globally, which is 27% more yearly. 

13. Most Played Songs on Spotify?

The “Blinding Lights the Weekend” song has 3,775,691,452 streams; this is the most played song until Quarter 2 of 2023. 

14. Which has the most monthly listeners on Spotify?

The Weekend is the artist with the most monthly listeners till Q2 of 2023, with 110 Million audiences. 

15. How many songs have been uploaded on Spotify every month?

On average, 18 crore songs have been uploaded every month. 

Miscellaneous Spotify Stats – 

16. Males are 56%, whereas females are 44% in Spotify’s user database.

17. North America has the highest average Spotify daily users.

18. Over 48% of users access Spotify every day

Music Stats – 

19. “Peso pluma’s GENESIS” became the most streamed musica Mexicana album in a week after its release on June 23, 2023. 

20. For the first time, Spotify gives the option to its fans to curate the editorial playlist of “FUEGO”. 

Spotify Active Monthly User Data 

As per the quarter 2 2023 data of Spotify, they have 551 million monthly active users, which is 27% more on a Y/Y basis.

Source – Spotify Quarterly Report 

The most strong growth was amongst the GenZ listeners and because of this, they improved the performance marketing efficiencies.

 Following is the complete breakdown of the quarterly growth in Spotify monthly active users from 2017 to 2023

Quarter – YearMonthly Active Users
Quarter 1 – 2017 138 million 
Quarter 2 – 2017149 million
Quarter 3 – 2017160 million
Quarter 4 – 2017157
Quarter 1 – 2018180
Quarter 2 – 2018191
Quarter 3 – 2018207
Quarter 4 – 2018217
Quarter 1 – 2019232
Quarter 2 – 2019248
Quarter 3 – 2019271
Quarter 4 – 2019286
Quarter 1 – 2020299
Quarter 2 – 2020299
Quarter 3 – 2020345
Quarter 4 – 2020356
Quarter 1 – 2021365
Quarter 2 – 2021381
Quarter 3 – 2021406
Quarter 4 – 2021422
Quarter 1 – 2022433
Quarter 2 – 2022456
Quarter 3 – 2022515
Quarter 4 – 2022489
Quarter 1 – 2023515
Quarter 2 – 2023551

Spotify Region wise monthly active users 

According to the Spotify quarter data of 2023, they have gained 29% of monthly active users from Europe, and because of this, their largest market share is from Europe. 

North America comes second with 20% of MAU till quarter 2 of 2023.

The rest of the world accounts for 30% of Spotify MAU. 

Region %age share of Monthly Active Users
North America20%
Latin America21%
Rest of the world30%

Spotify Active Premium Monthly User Data 

This quarter their premium subscriber has grown by 17% Y/Y to 220 million premium users. 

Source – Spotify Quarterly report

Following is the complete breakdown of the quarterly growth in Spotify monthly active premium users from 2017 to 2023

Quarter 1 – 201752 million
Quarter 2 – 201759 million
Quarter 3 – 201762 million
Quarter 4 – 201771 million
Quarter 1 – 201875 million
Quarter 2 – 201883 million
Quarter 3 – 201887 million
Quarter 4 – 201896 million
Quarter 1 – 2019100 million
Quarter 2 – 2019108 million
Quarter 3 – 2019113 million
Quarter 4 – 2019124 million
Quarter 1 – 2020130 million
Quarter 2 – 2020138 million
Quarter 3 – 2020144 million
Quarter 4 – 2020155 million
Quarter 1 – 2021158 million
Quarter 2 – 2021165 million
Quarter 3 – 2021172 million
Quarter 4 – 2021180 million
Quarter 1 – 2022182 million
Quarter 2 – 2022188 million
Quarter 3 – 2022195 million
Quarter 4 – 2022205 million
Quarter 1 – 2023210 million
Quarter 2 – 2023220 million

Spotify users stats by its demographic (till 2nd quarter of 2023)

Age GroupShare of Users
18 to 2426%
25 to 3429%
35 to 4416%
45 to 5511%

Spotify Revenue stats for 2nd quarter of 2023 – 

Spotify premium revenue grew by 11% from the last quarter, which reflects the subscriber growth of 17% 

Spotify registered a yearly revenue of €11.727 billion in 2022.

Source – Spotify quarterly revenue report

What is the Spotify market share right now? 

They have 33% of market share globally as of 2023 in the global music industry.

The market share of Spotify has steadily been between 32% and 43% over the last 5 years.

Following is the sheet of market share from 2017 to 2023 – 


How much does Spotify pay per stream?

Spotify pays between $0.003  and $0.005 per play as of 2023, which is roughly 70% of its revenue. 

Below are the rough estimates of Spotify’s streaming payouts to artists based on the above data:

Number of StreamsEstimated Payout
Per Stream$0.003 to $0.005
100 Streams$0.3 to $0.5
1,000 Streams$3 to $5
1 million Streams$300 to $500
10 million streams$30,000 to $50,000

Spotify Podcast Statistics – 

  • Spotify ranks 2nd among Podcast platforms in the US with 40% of users using it on a regular basis.
  • Spotify is the most Popular Podcast platform in North America with 50 % being Frequent Users.
  • As of today, Spotify has over 5 million podcasts and 100,000 video podcasts on its platform, representing a growth rate of over 1500%.
  • Spotify added 1.2 million podcasts to its library in 2021 alone!
  • The most popular podcast platform among North American millennials is Spotify, with half of them using it frequently.

Spotify Popular Podcast –

The Joe Rogan Experience” is the number-one podcast on Spotify worldwide. It is followed by Andrew Hubberman’s daring “Huberman Lab.”

Third on the list is an American true-crime podcast called “Over my dead body”

Emma Chamberlain’s “Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain“, and House of R finish in the top five Spotify podcasts globally.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular podcasts on Spotify globally:

  • The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • Huberman Lab.
  • Over My Dead Body
  • Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain.
  • House of R.
  • This Past Weekend
  • Crime Junkie.
  • Handsome
  • Shawn Ryan Show
  • Smartness

Source – Spotify

In how many countries Spotify is available around the world – 

  • Currently, Spotify is accessible in 180 countries. Spotify has grown its presence to 80+ countries since 2020.
  • Spotify was accessible in only 61 markets globally in 2017.
  • Between 2018 – 2022, Spotify expanded to 117 new nations.

How many playlists does Spotify have? 

Spotify has 4 billion playlists across all genres, out of which 3000 are curated officially by Spotify. (source –

Which is the Popular playlist on Shopify? 

Pop music dominates 10 out of the top 20 Spotify playlists, according to the genre.

70% of Spotify’s top 20 most followed playlists are primarily made up of the latest releases.

Here is the list of the 20 most popular and followed playlists on Spotify as of 2023 –

PlaylistFollowers count
Today’s Top Hits33,906,373
Global Top 5017,396,265
¡Viva Latino!14,016,849
Baila Reggaeton10,969,913 
Rock Classics (personalized)11,629,932
All Out 2000s (personalized)10,805,105
Songs to Sing in the Car (personalized)10,437,875
All Out 80s (personalized)10,315,357
Beast Mode (personalized)10,037,388
Chill Hits (personalized)8,703,431
I Love My ’90s Hip-Hop7,882,313
All Out 90s (personalized)7,818,948
Lofi hip hop music – beats to relax/study to7,756,521
This Is BTS7,715,919
Mood Booster (personalized)7,519,824
Hot Country7,415,788
Songs to Sing in the Shower 7,387,128 
Esquenta Sertanejo7,347,200
Peaceful Piano7,087,870

 How many tracks are available on Shopify? 

Spotify will have over 100 million tracks on the platform in 2023. 

Spotify has a target to add 22 million new tunes by the end of the year. 

Most Popular Artists on Spotify by Follower Count

Ed Sheeran is the most followed person on Spotify, with over 114.60 million followers.

Below are the top popular artists on Spotify – 

#1Ed Sheeran114.60
#2Ariana Grande93.24
#3Arijit Singh87.46
#4Billie Eilish85.35
#5Taylor Swift84.31
#8Justin Bieber73.91
#9Bad Bunny73.45
#10The Weeknd70.47

New Updates for Shopify – 

  • Spotify rolled out AI DJ to Premium users in the UK and Ireland, which is the most commonly requested feature by users on Social Media.
  • Redesigned the desktop experience with a new look for Your Library and Now Playing views to provide a richer experience, more context, and quicker access to personal favorites.
  • Introduced 11 new Languages and dialects across mobile. Now, the total number of languages on Spotify is 74.
  • Launched Spotify ad analytics, a free global measurement and reporting service for brands and agencies.

How to Check Your Own Spotify Stats (Guide to 2023)

After reading all these stats, wouldn’t it be fun to check your own Spotify stats? You can do this in many ways.

View Spotify Statistics on PC or Mac

  1. Click your user profile name in the top right corner of the app.
  2. Select “Profile” from the drop-down options.
  3. Here you can browse popular artists, tracks, and playlists. You can click the “View All” button in each category to see specific statistics.

View Spotify statistics on your phone

  1. Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner of the mobile app. (It looks like a mirror)
  2. Select “Profile” from the drop-down options.
  3. Here you can browse popular artists, tracks, and playlists. You can click the “View All” button in each category to see specific statistics.

See Spotify Statistics with Warped

Spotify has been announcing its Wrapped plan every December since 2015. Users can see their music listening habits and statistics for a particular year. 

As soon as you access the phone or computer application, you can access the card packaging. Hard to remember as the app has capital letters and big cards. If you haven’t seen it before, be sure to check out this year’s content.

Conclusion – 

Here are all the statistics from Spotify since its inception. This information comes from various places on the internet and can vary, but not by much.

Spotify will offer exciting things to its users and artists in 2023. Keep an eye on them.

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