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Mamta May 17, 2024

What began as just an idea in Reid Hoffman’s living room in 2002 would later go on to be the world’s biggest professional networking platform!

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about LinkedIn. 

With over a billion users in 2024, the social networking platform is currently the go-to spot for job searching, resume posting, and connecting with industry leaders. 

However, LinkedIn isn’t simply limited to business connections. It is also a leading advertising and B2B lead generation platform. 

Let’s have a look at LinkedIn’s latest statistics for 2024: including general, demographic, marketing, and financial stats. 

LinkedIn General Statistics 

1. LinkedIn has crossed more than 1 billion user mark in more than 200 countries and regions. 

2. At one point, LinkedIn used to get 2 new users every second. In 2023, this figure reached 3 new users every second

3. There are more than 41,000 skills listed on LinkedIn. 

4. 16.2% of LinkedIn users check the platform daily. 48% of users are active every month. 

5. 61 million people are actively looking for jobs on LinkedIn. 

6. LinkedIn is the top-rated platform for B2B lead generation. As per the LinkedIn marketing solutions blog, Fortune 500 companies consider LinkedIn to be the go-to platform for B2B client acquisition. 

7. LinkedIn was officially launched in 2003 and still reigns as the oldest and most popular social media platform. 

8. As of 2023, an average LinkedIn user spent 7 minutes and 42 seconds online. 

9. There are more than 67 million company profiles on LinkedIn. 

10. LinkedIn has more than 10,000 business-to-business software product pages. 

11. 45% of users reading articles on LinkedIn are management-level employees. 

LinkedIn Demographic Statistics 

12. 60% of LinkedIn’s total user base falls in the age group of 25 to 34. Following that, 21.7% of the audience belongs to the 18-24 age range, 15.4% comes from 35-54 age strata, and 2.9% are 55+. Source: Statista

13. According to a Statista report in January 2023, 42.8% of LinkedIn users are women and 57.2% of users are men.

In January 2023, 42.8% of LinkedIn users are women and 57.2% of users are men
Image source: Hootsuite

14. As of September 2023, 53% of US-based LinkedIn users are classified as high-income earners. 

15. Also, every 1 in 3 US-based LinkedIn users are bachelor’s degree holders and every 1 in 4 individuals has a master’s degree. 

LinkedIn Users Based on Country 

16. 211+ million active users are currently based in the USA. India follows in second place with 117 million users. 

17. China is in 3rd position with 60 million users. 

Here’s a world map with users marked for top countries.

Source: LinkedIn Pressroom

18. Over 277 million LinkedIn users come from the Asia-Pacific region. 

LinkedIn Marketing Statistics 

19. 97% of B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn for content marketing. 

20. 64% of all global online marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most utilized professional network. 

21. 50.3% of marketers actively use LinkedIn. 

22. 77% of marketers claim that they notice quality organic results with the help of LinkedIn. 

23. Content with images receive 2x the engagement. On the other hand, large images get a 38% higher click-through rate. 

24. LinkedIn video posts get 5 times more engagement. 

25. A LinkedIn ad reaches 14.6% of the global population above the age of 18. 

26. According to official stats, brands on LinkedIn have noticed a 33% improvement in purchase intent after running ads on the platform. 

27. LinkedIn gets 15x more content impressions than job postings. 

LinkedIn Hiring and Recruiting Statistics 

Needless to say, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for 

28. 6 people are hired on LinkedIn every week. 

29. 28 million people have added #OpentoWork frames to their profiles. 

30. 140 job applications are submitted on LinkedIn every second. 

31. 50% of recruiters use skills to find the right fit for their organization. 

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Financial Statistics 

32. For fiscal year 2023, LinkedIn’s revenue came out to be more than 15 billion U.S. dollars

For fiscal year 2023, LinkedIn’s revenue came out to be more than 15 billion U.S. dollars.
Source – Statista

33. That amounts to an 8% year-over-year growth in revenue in constant currency. 

34. Out of the total revenue, 6.4 billion U.S. Dollars came from premium account subscriptions. 

Out of the total revenue, 6.4 billion U.S. Dollars came from premium account subscriptions.
Source: Statista

35. In Q1 FY24, LinkedIn noticed a 55% year-over-year increase in premium sign-ups.

36. In 2022, LinkedIn generated 5.91 billion U.S. dollars and by 2027, LinkedIn is expected to touch 10.35 billion U.S. dollars in advertising revenue. 

37. LinkedIn roughly contributes to 0.9% of global ad revenue. 

LinkedIn Employee Statistics 

38. LinkedIn has sustained itself as the oldest and most popular social media platform by expanding to 36 offices in various countries. Also, you can operate LinkedIn in 26 languages. 

39. As of 2023, there are a total of 19,400 employees all over the globe. 

40. LinkedIn is well-known for its gender equality and actively advocates for women’s leadership. As such, 42% of LinkedIn leadership roles are managed by women. 

41. LinkedIn has also made efforts to improve diversity and inclusion. In 2021, black and Latino leaders, managers, and senior ICs grew by 35% and 20.3%. 

The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn in 2024 

LinkedIn, unlike other social networking sites, gets maximum engagement during office hours. 

Here’s a table showing the best LinkedIn posting times in 2024: 

DayBest time to post on LinkedIn (PST)
Monday11 am
Tuesday6 am to 8 am
Wednesday12 pm
Thursday2 pm
Friday8 am
Saturday4 am to 5 am
Sunday6 pm
Source: Social Pilot 


All the LinkedIn statistics listed above have been taken from LinkedIn’s official website or Statista. Hopefully, this data will help you accelerate your professional growth and get familiarized with the LinkedIn landscape. 

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