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6 Social Media Analytics Courses For Beginners

Written By

Ashima Gupta

Published on

Social media is fairly new. At least newer than other modern marketing channels. It hasn’t been more than two decades when Facebook was launched. In fact, the most popular social media channels came into being only in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

What about social media analytics? This was not even a subject of interest a decade back. Now, you cannot think of running a social campaign without a tracking and monitoring strategy.

Since the subject is new, few people are aware. Fewer actually use social media analytics in their company. And those who do, the objectives vary widely.

For instance, a social media analytics survey by IBM found that companies used social media for at least 13 different purposes.

social media analytics objectives

According to the same research, 47% of organizations expect to increase their spending on social media analytics, and of that number, 71% estimated these increases to be between 3% and 10%.

However, there are three key problems that face social marketers when they start investing in social media analytics:

  1. How to choose which tools to use
  2. There are no standard techniques for social media analytics
  3. Teams do not understand it (yet)

Although the first two problems will be resolved with years, I think the last problem is the one that can be solved right now with proper training.

Despite the lack of standards, many companies, educators, industry leaders, and even universities have created social media analytics courses.

You can look at these social media analysis courses for multiple purposes:

  • For social media analytics training for your marketing team
  • For social media analytics certification.
  • For personal use in order to get better with social media analysis

I share with you my personal favorites. The best part is that you can access all these social media analytics courses online.

1. Introduction to Social Media Analytics

Available at: Coursera
Created by: Emory University
Taught by:  David Schweidel, Associate Professor of Marketing, Goizueta Business School
Price: Available for free | Certificate available if you join the specialization

The course is actually a part of Coursera specialization, Foundations of Marketing Analytics Specialization. This specialization has six courses of which the fifth in the series is Introduction to Social Media Analytics. It’s a four-week course covering all major aspects of social media analytics.

  • Week 1: Basics of Social Media Listening
  • Week 2: Opinion Science and Dynamics
  • Week 3: Crimson Hexagon Walkthrough
  • Week 4: Applying Analytics to Social Media Activity
vaizle smart plan CTA

2. Social Media Data Analytics Course

Available at: Coursera
Created by: Rutgers the State University of New Jersey
Taught by:  Chirag Shah, Associate Professor Information and Computer Science
Price: Available for free | $30

This course is more hardcore analytics than the previous one. Unlike the previous course, which focused more on listening, this course delves into numbers and graphs.

It’s four-week schedule looks like this:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Week 2: Collecting and Extracting Social Media Data
  • Week 3: Data Analysis, Visualization, and Exploration
  • Week 4: Case Studies

If you have some background in coding, this course will be even more fruitful. You will also use Python for sentiment analysis and use R language for doing statistical analysis.

3. Free Social Media Analytics Course for Beginners

Available at: quintly.com
Created by: quintly
Taught by: quintly Academy
Price: Free

quintly social media analytics course

I personally feel this course is more application oriented than any other you will find on the internet. And you can expect that because it was created by a social media analytics company itself. If you haven’t put hands on a social media analytics course before, this free course from quintly is for you.

The course begins with basics starting with social media analytics and social media landscape. Then the next three sections of the course discusses:

  • How to approach situational analysis and social media competitive anaysis
  • Understanding your objectives and defining the right KPIs
  • Reporting (a section where all agencies’ members should specifically focus on)

This course also offers you quizzes at the end of every section. Also, it shares some amazing assets within the course:

  1. Social Media Landscape chart
  2. Differentiation between Social Networks for data collection
  3. Possible action points for your goals
  4. Social Media Analytics Cycle

4. Social Media Marketing & Analytics

Available at: Jigsaw Academy
Created by: Jigsaw Academy
Taught by: Madhukar Jha & Anupam Mukerji
Price: $89

Taught by industry stalwarts, this course talks a lot about strategy and planning for social media marketing. Before it starts talking about analytics, the course will take you through the basics.

The course also comes with multiple case studies. It will take you through variety of industries, leaders, and brands.

It has 8-hours of video content which comes with free access to  variety of resources like handouts, reference material, guides, lecture transcripts and student forums for your course duration.

What I like about this course is 24×7 support. You got any question or query? Just post it and there’ll be someone to answer you at any time of a day. Jigsaw Academy will also issue a certificate for you when you complete the course.

5. Social Media Analytics: Using Data to Understand Public Conversations

Available at: Future Learn
Created by: Queensland University of Technology
Taught by: Jean Burgess, Director of the QUT Digital Media Research Centre, Axel Burns, Professor in the QUT Digital Media Research Centre, and Tim Highfield, Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow at QUT and a member of the Digital Media Research Centre
Price: Free | $94

“What are tweets and the cultural politics of Twitter?” This is how the course descriptions begin. It is one of the most advanced course if your brand is affected or influenced by social media conversations. Have you ever thought about tracking real-time social media data? In this course, you will also use an open-graph visualization tool, Gephi, to visualize data networks.

gephi data visualizations

Broadly, this course will talk about:

  • Understanding the role and structures of social media conversations
  • Methodologies for gathering data and its implications
  • Key metrics used for analysing Twitter
  • Methods for identifying trends in social data
  • Methods for creating and interpreting data visualisations

Here’s what you need before you join the course.

Social Media Analytics: Using Data to Understand Public Conversations requirements
vaizle smart plan CTA

6. Understand Social Media Analytics

Available at: MediaBistro
Created by: Molly Stark Dean
Taught by: Molly Stark Dean,  Social Media Marketing Instructor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism China Program
Price: $129

This is a beginner level course and starts with the basics of social media analytics. Divided in four sessions, it takes you from introduction and campaign strategy to A/B testing and reporting.

Unlike other courses in the list here, this one talks about all the social media networks individually: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Designed in a self-paced format, it has 16 video lectures of 126 minutes.

Did I miss something?

The world is so big. I am sure I missed something. Even then, I am sure these courses are good for a starter as well as an intermediate looking to make a career in social media data analytics team. Or even in general, because the application of this subject matter is in multiple field.

If you have any other course that can make this list, please feel free to write in the comment below. I will add it to this blog post right away.

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