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Facebook Business Page: 10 Proven Tips to Optimise For Startups

Arushi Monga
Written By

Arushi Monga

Published on

Facebook is here to stay and is not going anywhere soon! If you’re wondering about Instagram and Snapchat – Facebook still dominates the market with 1.85 billion daily users.

Whether you’re starting a business, a beginner or an influencer, looking at the marketing aspect of Facebook, this is the data that you can’t just ignore. 

Having said that……

You can’t just upload a picture on your business page and expect it to convert potential leads – it doesn’t happen that way!

To make the best of your Facebook Business Page, you must optimize it effectively. And to do that, we have put together 10 tried and tested Facebook business page optimization tips to help your business set foot in the right direction from the get-go.

10 Tips To Optimise Your  Business Account On Facebook

  1. Create A Stellar Optimised Business Page
  2. Use Keywords Effectively
  3. Optimize Your Facebook Business Page For Selling
  4. Create A User-Friendly CTA
  5. Select The Best Template
  6. Add Tabs For Page Optimization
  7. Use Facebook insight tools for optimizing
  8. Optimise – Comments, Reviews And Ratings
  9. Optimize Page Content Delivery
  10. Update & Engage

1. Create A Stellar Optimised Business Page

To establish a proper business presence on Facebook, you need to start by creating an engaging Facebook page that reflects your brand personality perfectly.

To do that:

  • Add a profile picture, a brand logo, or a headshot of your product picture that showcases your business identity. 
  • Add an engaging, eye-catching, high-quality cover picture. Change it seasonally according to your business updates and news. Also, you can put videos in place of cover photos to add that extra edge.
  • Get a custom username (short, friendly URL for your Facebook business page) to make it convenient for your users to find and remember your Facebook page. In addition, custom usernames improve page rankings.
  • Write an intriguing “business description” – it must be original as it will help your page rank higher.
  • Add your website link for Facebook users to get your business site quickly.
  • Provide additional details like phone number, email address, list of products and services, and business location.

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2. Use Keywords Effectively

Keywords are the backbone of your Facebook business page search rankings. But don’t undertake those shady practices of overstuffing your page with keywords. Instead, use relevant keywords in your:

  • Page description
  • About Us section
  • Headlines
  • Photo captions
  • Posts
  • Updates

Use keywords with high traffic and conversion rates to reach a wider audience. If your product or service targets a specific consumer market, pick more specific keywords with lower traffic. 

3. Optimize Your Facebook Business Page For Selling

Facebook offers you numerous ways to optimize your business page and drive revenue. These are the proven ways to do it:

  • Link your Facebook shop through Facebook Commerce Manager, add a catalog and launch your shop.
  • Offer Gift Cards to encourage your customer to support your business.
  • Launch paid online events on your official page on Facebook and monetize the event through the Monetization menu of Creator Studio. 

One question may raise in your mind: Why you should advertise on facebook?

4. Create A User-Friendly CTA – And Guide Your Followers To Take Action

Located just below the cover picture, Call-To-Action or CTA’s encourage your audience to interact with your brand. And the best part is – you can optimize it to make it more inspiring for your users to click on it.

The CTA you choose for your Facebook Page must be customized per the needs and objectives of your business goals.

5. Select The Best Template

When creating a business page on Facebook, it is essential to pick a suitable template – to give your customer insights about your business and services. Facebook offers pre-made templates for:

  •  Services
  • Business
  • Shopping
  • Non-Profits
  • Venues
  • Politicians
  • Restaurants and Cafes

 You can edit and customise them according to your specific business type.

6. Add Tabs For Page Optimization

Tabs are the section of your page that appears below your name. Use this section to list the services and products you offer – and you can also add more tabs that match your business better. Use this section to:

  • Highlight your current offers 
  • Highlight your current services
  • List of products you want to feature

7. Use Facebook insight tools for optimizing 

The more insights you have about your customers, the better you can leverage your Business page on Facebook. The Facebook insight tool gives you a glimpse of how your page is performing – and you can use this data to decide what’s working and not. You can optimise your page for a better reach based on this information.

8. Optimise – Comments, Reviews And Ratings On Your Facebook Page To Create Better Engagement

Engaging and interacting with your customers is an integral part of your Facebook business page success – and you must not take this section lightly. Positive reviews from buyers are your strongest suit and will help you gain your customers’ trust.

Also, interact with your customers through direct messages, posts and comments. Responding to customer reviews and comments gives your customers a sense that you care and value their experience with your brand, and you are open to receiving insights to help your business improve.

9. Optimize Page Content Delivery 

Content is the most valuable driving force that increases reach and engagement rate. Create and publish images, videos, and posts that are valuable. Even if your business motive is to generate leads, you must create content which can help you streamline your workflow even better. To accomplish it:

  • Pin important posts at the top of your page
  • Try organic Facebook posts 
  • Upload seasonal, trending products and news

10. Update & Engage

No matter how many optimization tricks you follow, it is useless if you’re not updating and engaging with your audience. These are a few audience-building hacks to try:

  • Engage your audience by asking questions
  • Post curated content 
  • Stream live video from events
  • Post the latest trends in your niche
  • Collaborate with other brands
  • Share different activities of your company (including behind-the-scenes, never seen before photos and more)

Final Thoughts 

Your Facebook business page is an essential portal for your band. Now that you’re armed with these 10 proven Facebook business optimisation tips – ensure you follow them. From ranking higher in Facebook search results to increasing website traffic to lead generation – Facebook optimisation can help your business reach its full potential.

If you’re overwhelmed by these tips and are not sure where to start, Vaizle is here to guide you through creating your Business Page for Facebook and optimizing it for your business success. 

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