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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Social Media Analytics Tool

Shweta Sadana
Written By

Shweta Sadana

Published on

Social Media Managers have a lot going on in their day to day work. From creating engaging posts, assessing and optimizing results, and monitoring social media, they handle very critical aspects of achieving corporate goals.

Thankfully, social media analytics tools are available to make their job easy. You’ve probably tested at least a couple of the existing tools. As you probably know, there are so many that picking just one is difficult. 

There’s no doubt about it: agencies need the best social media analytics tool – ideally one with solutions tailored for agencies – to deliver amazing client results. That’s why we’re here to assist you in making a choice.

A Social media analytics tool will help you: 

  • Save time: Collecting and tracking data manually takes an incredible amount of time and effort – especially for multiple clients with several social media profiles each. Automating the process means you won’t have to visit every profile to find data, then compile and try to make sense of it. 
  • Track the right metrics: You’ll be able to choose the data you want to collect based on the important social media KPIs according to you and collect that data from a range of social channels. 
  • Improve accuracy: A good social media tool will provide high-quality, clean data that’s easy to view and compare through live dashboards. 
  • Create Better Content: When you track your social networks, you will understand what content drives the best results. You can see which content is shared more and the number of visits each social network sends.

You need a tool that will let you dive deep into crucial statistics and make advanced analytics simple.

Key features to look for in a Social Media Analytics Tool 

Marketing agencies have specific needs when it comes to social media analytics, and here are some of the key features to look for. 

Data quality 

Not all data is created equal, and you’ll need to compare data from a wide variety of different sources: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and more. 

Data from different platforms is not always in the same format, and so cannot be directly compared. You might be tracking hashtags for instagram posts on one hand and retweets on Twitter on the other hand.

For an easier and more accurate comparison, your tool should be able to convert data into a standard format. This is called data cleaning and it makes the job of analyzing more straightforward.


Yes, I understand that not having the appropriate metrics is more expensive than any social media analytics tool, but let’s face it, there isn’t an endless supply of money to spend on social media analytics tools. 

Free is sometimes a good thing. I highly recommend Google Analytics, as well as other platforms’ native tools, such as instagram engagement rate calculator

Others are well worth the money if they meet your business needs.

Dashboard metrics 

Your clients probably want deep insights into what’s happening on their social media pages. This data helps you design social media strategies to grow and scale their business. 

Your tool should have a wide array of metrics to choose from. Check that it can track any specific KPIs that you need for your clients, or allows you to create custom ones if you need to. 

Social media analytics software can extract more information than native analytics. As a result, make sure the tool has a lot of features and can track the KPIs you require.

Cross-Channel Analysis

Each client has different needs, and they may even have their own definitions of how they measure a social media metric. 

But everyone is vying for a single analysis tool for various social media platforms out there. It should  provide real-time information and tracking on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and of course Twitter.

Cross platform social media analysis tool - Vaizle

That’s why it’s great if your social media tool gives you the option to have a comprehensive social media competitor analysis of all channels together or analysis one at a time.

Multi-client management

This is essential for agencies who want to grow their client base. 

The social media analytics tool you choose must accommodate your current client base and all their social profiles, and give you the option to continue adding new profiles. 

For rapid comparisons, you should be able to sort the profiles into relevant groupings. It should be easy to add and remove clients. 

Ideally, you’ll have the option to send clients a link to verify their social media accounts, instead of having to ask them for their login details and doing it yourself. 

Customer support 

If you’re paying for a social media analytics tool, you should expect a high level of customer support. You need the peace of mind of knowing that help is on hand if you have a problem. 

A satisfactory response from your tool’s customer support team is critical if clients need a quick answer to a concern or issue. A meticulous onboarding procedure might also assist you in gaining a better understanding of the tool.

So whichever tool you choose, look for approachable customer support. They should be reachable by phone, email, or live chat and ready to assist you with whatever you require. For this, you can book a demo, have a look at the tool, its working, customer service and so.

Analytics and reporting

The power of social media analytics and reporting is undeniable. They can show you what’s working and assist you in gaining a better understanding of your customer’s profile.

You can track trends with the use of good social media reporting.

It’s also crucial to have analytics that can help you plan your next steps. What’s working for you? Which types of postings or platforms appear to generate the most interaction?

On top of that, the option to customize the social media analysis report with logo, title and names etc makes it more contextual and interactive.

Social Media Analysis with Vaizle

With an understanding of the basics of social media analysis, it’s time to start using the right tool for the job. 

Monitor and analyze conversations from millions of sources throughout the world, including all of the major social media platforms. You may track social media trends that are important to your company, find out where the most impactful conversations are taking place, and monitor competitor brand activity. With just a few clicks, you can use those social media insights to take rapid action across multiple teams, hence putting you ahead in terms of developing a strategy.

We’ve covered many aspects of social media analytics that agencies need to master, like setting KPIs, running competitor analysis, creating reports, and turning client success stories into persuasive case studies. 

All these things are hard to do without a powerful social media analytics tool. 

Our specialized social media analytics platform lets you: 

  • Collect, analyze and report on client data from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all in one place.
  • Access meaningful analytic social media insights and identify which posts require action,  
  • Compare yourself to your competitors and figure out how to exceed them.
  • Automate detailed, customizable, and interactive social media reports. 
  • Fully interactive dashboard and metrics to measure the exact social media KPIs you and your clients need.

The Way Forward

Marketing on social media has progressed. It’s advanced from a curiosity to a full-fledged responsibility in forward-thinking businesses. 

As you may be aware, social media marketers possess a diverse set of skills, including sales, marketing, and customer support. Such a complicated role warrants the use of appropriate tools.

Evidently, selecting social media monitoring software entails some thought and finding answers to important questions before making the purchase. You want to select a tool that will meet your requirements and assist you in achieving your goals. 

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