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10 Best Practices to Write an Effective Instagram Bio

Shweta Sadana
Written By

Shweta Sadana

Published on

Let’s face it: Your Instagram bio is arguably one of the most intrinsic parts of your Instagram profile. It is your business card, portfolio, and website home page – all wrapped up into one!

Seemingly it is a small part (only 150 characters) of the overall chunk of your profile – but when crafted consciously, your Instagram bio sets the stage for your brand presence, intrigues the readers, and converts visitors into followers.

Before you say anything, yes, Instagram is a picture-based post-social platform (or, as it was called, a ‘square photo sharing app’). But it can be treated more as a marketing tool to show your users who you are and what you’re about.

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In this article, you will discover –

  1. Why does your Instagram business Bio matter?
  2. What goes into an Instagram bio?
  3. How to write a perfect Instagram bio?
  4. Best practices to write an effective Instagram Bio.
  5. Final Thoughts

Why does your Instagram business Bio matter?   

Think of your Instagram Bio like an About Page on a website – the only difference being that it can be altered from time to time based on your marketing objectives.

Regardless of whether you aim to create a brand presence, connect with like-minded individuals, or tell (or show) the audience what you’re selling – shaping a good bio for the Instagram business is of the essence.

In many cases, it is the first point of contact for your customers (when they discover you through hashtags or clicking through paid posts) – and your Instagram bio sets the tone for your audience on why they should follow you. Not to mention, it is your business’s first impression, and you must nail it!

What goes into an Instagram bio?

When writing an Instagram bio, you will hear different marketers sharing different advice on what to write and include in your business Instagram bio. But, keeping all the noise aside, the best Instagram bios are short and sweet. They must genuinely portray your personality as a creator or brand and establish your unique value proposition.

Having said that, writing the best bio for Instagram is not as easy as it sounds- and many often struggle with what to include and what not.

How to write a perfect Instagram bio:

●  Business name and username 

This goes without saying that your Instagram username represents your business and Instagram identity – and must be displayed in your bio.

  Profile photo 

For businesses, it should be their brand logo or even a product photo – but it should be visually appealing and relevant to your business.

  Bio section 

This is where you express yourself and tell people what your Instagram business is all about.


Here you add an URL or clickable link to your homepage.


This section specifies what category your brand falls under.


Allows your audience to take action straight from your Instagram profile.

  Contact information

Include business website link, email address, phone number, or physical address.

What does link in bio mean?

To put it simply, a link in a bio refers to a clickable URL that directs your followers to your website, post, content product page, or any other relevant page.

Best practices to write an effective Instagram Bio

1. Know what your business goal is!

Understand what you want to convey through your bio, and have a clear sense of direction. With the character limit of 150, your Instagram bio must get the message across effectively and tie it back to your brand message.

Be concise, impactful, and valuable, and choose your words (and symbols) effectively.

2. Let your brand personality shine through

Express brand personality and tone of voice to establish its identity through your Instagram bio. Focus your Instagram bio on helping inspire your community. Make it more about them than about you.

You can also add a relevant emojis approach – only if it fits your brand. Whatever you do, don’t fill your bio with unnecessary details or characters that make it hard for your customers to understand.

3. Use the name field to share top targeted keywords

The name field is completely different from the username – and is highly valuable owing to its SEO features.

Using targeted keywords instead of your username is an amazing SEO strategy to make your business more discoverable.

4. Include relevant hashtags and profile links

Make your Instagram business profile more searchable by adding clickable hashtags and profile links in your Instagram bio. 

Keep updating your Instagram bio with relevant keywords. Use hashtags to direct your audience to stunning, tagged user-generated content. Alternatively, you can also use branded hashtags to promote certain products or upcoming events.

5. Add a call-to-action for the link in your Instagram bio

Instagram allows only one link in the bio. To make the most of it, use the last line of the copy to tell users what you’re into if they click on your link. This way, you can direct your audience to the relevant content (ultimately converting them to customers) with just one link.

6. Add contact details in the Instagram bio

You need to make your Instagram business profile a one-stop shop for new visitors where it is easy for them to contact you or find your location.

7. Use Instagram stories strategically to highlight your Instagram bio

This is often overlooked by businesses to create a brand presence. Use this section to give your followers (current and potential) more in-depth and valuable information about your brand,

Think of it more like a movie trailer for your Instagram feed – and use the opportunity to create the look and feel of your branding.

8. Ensure your bio is easy to scan and read

Avoid using complicated words in your bio. Instead, keep it simple and understandable. Also, ensure proper line breaks, spacing, and style – to make your Instagram profile look attractive. 

9. Tag related accounts & share the brand hashtag 

Instagram bios with different profile usernames and hashtags are more clickable. It also gives you the opportunity to highlight your sister brands and drive more traffic to your brand hashtag.

Following this practice, put emphasis on the community, and your branded hashtag creates a spotlight on your audience at the same time, inviting others to participate as well.

10. Choose the perfect Instagram profile picture

A picture is worth a thousand words – and with your Instagram profile picture, you must ensure it is worth ten thousand words. Rember, this is what your customers notice first, and you must make the best of it.

Want to make your Instagram profile picture bolder and punchier? Add an outline to it!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re armed with the latest Instagram bio practices – take full advantage of it and craft your Instagram business bio to make it appealing and aligned with your business goals.

Remember, there is no silver bullet to writing your Instagram bio. Experiment with words, links, and keywords, play around with formats, ideas, and emojis – and eventually, you will discover the best practices and what works for your Instagram business bio.

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