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What it takes to get verified on Instagram: 7 Steps to get started

Shweta Sadana
Written By

Shweta Sadana

Published on

Getting verified on Instagram is every creator’s dream. At least once in your life, you all must have wished to get a blue tick for yourself. The verified blue tick on Instagram is the greatest form of validation for any user. It opens up new opportunities and gives you more control over your social profile.

However, getting a blue tick on Instagram in 2022 is not that simple. Due to the strict Instagram policies against scammers, it can be difficult to get verified on Instagram on your own. In this article, you will learn who can apply for the blue badge and how to get verified on Instagram.

Table of content:

  1. Significance of getting Verified on Instagram?
  2. Who can get Verified on Instagram?
  3. 7 Steps to Get Verified on Instagram
  4. Conclusion

Let’s get started.

Significance of getting Verified on Instagram?

You must think that getting a blue badge on Instagram is pretty straightforward. But there are a lot of protocols you need to follow before applying. First, you must understand the significance of getting verified. Whenever you encounter a verified account, Instagram wants you to know that you are viewing an authentic creator, not a fake one.

The blue badge mark next to an Instagram account symbolises that the Instagram authorities have officially verified the account as per their policies. So, in a few words, we can say that a verified Instagram account represents notability and authenticity.

Instagram verification provides you with a notable status and shows your followers that Instagram itself trusts the account. Having a verified Instagram account gives you more control over your brand and allows you to grow even faster.

Who can get Verified on Instagram?

You must be wondering, ‘Can I also get verified on Instagram?’ Technically yes, but the long version is that your account should meet some requirements before it gets verified.

Instagram follows its community guidelines and evaluates the account based on these criteria:

Authenticity: The first criteria is to determine whether the account represents a real person, a registered brand or not. Your account should not be a meme page or a fan account; these pages do not get verified.

Unique: It is essential to know that only one user per account or business can get verified on Instagram. This ensures the ‘real account rule’ as per the Instagram policies.

Complete Profile: To prove that the account user is a human and not a bot, you need to have a complete Instagram profile. Your account must contain an Instagram bio, a profile picture and at least one post.

Public Account: You won’t be able to get a blue tick on Instagram if your account is private, no matter your followers and your business. You must request verification after making your account public or business.

Notable Status: This is one of the most important and underrated aspects while verifying Instagram accounts. You need to have a notable status in your industry as a well-known personality or business. Remember that there is no fixed number of followers you need to have in order to get verified and you must be a highly searched personality or brand.

7 Steps to Get Verified on Instagram

Now that you know the important criteria through which Instagram undergoes account verification, here are the 7 steps on “How to get verified on Instagram”. Follow these steps to get your own verified Instagram account.

  1. Complete your Instagram Profile
  2. Log in to your Instagram Profile
  3. Request Verification
  4. Apply for Instagram Verification
  5. Profile Owner’s details
  6. Select the Category
  7. Upload ID Proof

Step 1: Complete your Instagram Profile

As described earlier, completing your Instagram profile is crucial to making your profile look authentic. Make sure your instagram bio represents your business or brand and that you post relevant media regarding your services.

For instance, you can put your company or brand logo as the profile photo and your brand’s tagline in your Instagram Bio.

Step 2: Log in to your Instagram Profile

Log in to your Instagram Profile and go to your profile menu. Now click on the drop-down (hamburger) menu in the top right corner and go to Settings.

Step 3: Request Verification

After opening Settings, navigate to the Account option and then click on Request Verification.

Step 4: Apply for Instagram Verification

After Requesting, a verification form will appear. In the form, you need to fill in your authentic personal details to be verified by the authorities. Remember not to lie about your details, as this may lead to a permanent ban on your account.

Step 5: Profile Owner’s details

Now make sure you use your original name in the verification form. And if it is your instagram business account, you need to put the owner’s full name as per the official business documents.

Step 6: Select the Category

Now choose the Category that relates to your profile or account. A verified Instagram account must describe a specific domain or category. And if your business does not fit into any of the categories, you can simply choose the brand/business option.

Step 7: Upload ID Proof

Once you have selected the relevant category and filled your personal details, you will be asked to upload a photocopy of your ID proof. Choose the appropriate file and upload it.

Tip: Keep updated with Instagram updates 2022.


Once you fill out the form and request for verification, all you have to do is wait. There is no specific duration after which your account will get verified. Instead, Instagram takes time to examine the details and then verify them.

A lot of work and strategy are required in order to get a verified Instagram account. So grow slowly but surely and try to add loyal followers. Make sure you follow all the guidelines and stay active while improving your searchability. Vaizle is a Social Media Analytics Tool that also provides the best social media analysis specially designed for influencers and brands. With daily insights in the form of charts and graphs, Vaizle also provides competitive analysis and daily tips!

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